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  • MandytheBookworm - You MUST read this bookWow! I read this book in one day, started in the morning, had a few things to do until the afternoon but was pulled back to it after errands were done and I just had to finish every single word, it would not wait until tomorrow.

    This book is just, well, touching, devastating, emotional, dark but then absolutely positively fantastic (although it is hard to say the F word there about this book, it seems wrong somehow). A re-read it will be, a book that stays with me it will be, a book I would recommend it will be. In a way it made me think it was something of a mixture of The Stand and Blindness. Don't get me wrong there though, it's also not like them if you get what I mean. Ah, I give up but to say if you have not read this book then it should definitely join your to be read list immediately, if not sooner.
  • Kam - Excellent, flexible tabletI had a long look at all the tablets before purchasing Asus Prime. I actually waited for the new iPad to be released before making the final decision.

    In the end I decided to buy Prime rather than new iPad and I am very happy with my choice. Additional keyboard, flexibility of ICS and being able to connect external HDD are something not that easily done on iPad.

    I can easily recommend Prime to anyone wanting to get the best value and flexibility for money.