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  • Lisa in CT - Great little device!

    I didn't buy this for a human baby, I bought it for one of my furry cat babies. She suffers from chronic nasal congestion and this works well at clearing her constantly clogged nose. I can't use the vacuum cleaner, but am able to use my lungs to suck on the tube with enough force to clear her nose (at least for a while).
    It's easy to clean too.

  • JoshBusta6 - Amazing Tablet!

    While not without its small faults, this tablet was definitely a great buy. It's no wonder that it's one of the top competitors in the mini-tablet market. It's absolutely amazing!

  • TMStyles - Perndergast At His Best With Surprising "Guest Stars"

    "White Fire" is the latest installment of Preston & Child's series featuring their signature character, Aloysius Pendergast, a special agent for the FBI and a modern day Sherlock Holmes. I found this effort to be an outstanding, highly readable stand-alone adventure for long time Pendergast fans as well as brand new readers. This time, the action occurs mainly in the US at a ritzy ski resort in Colorado called Roaring Fork where the ultra rich play and connive.

    Corrie Swanson, Pendergast's protégé, is drawn to Roaring Fork in hopes of studying the remains of miners supposedly killed and eaten by a grizzly bear in 1876 that were recently unearthed when a graveyard was dug up to be moved so a new high class development could be built on the ancient site. Something she discovers apparently threatens powerful forces and she lands in jail where her only recourse is to reach our to Pendergast. He has been mourning in Europe and finds this case the perfect impetus to get back into his life of crime fighting and soon has Corrie out of jail as the mystery widens. Soon Agent Pendergast is following leads developed from a rumored meeting between Oscar Wilde and Conan Doyle in the late 1800's where the horror that occurred in the nineteenth century mining town was passed from Wilde (who heard it on a visit to America) to Doyle who may or may not have later used it obliquely in one of his published and one of his "missing" unpublished Holmes' tales.

    Pendergast quickly links a series of deaths and arsons in Roaring Fork to the ghastly deaths that Corrie has been studying and even returns to England in a search for the missing Sherlock Holmes story. Meanwhile, Captain Stacy Bowdree, a recently discharged military veteran with PTSD and a descendent of one of the dead miners mysteriously arrives in Roaring Fork where she befriends Corrie. What is her true purpose in coming to collect the remains of her long buried ancestor? Is she who she purports to be? And why does the most powerful family in the area want to silence Corrie in one manner or another?

    In addition to the delightful references to Wilde and Doyle (a supposed meeting is recreated), there is a most satisfying vignette between Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes that, among other purposes, reminds the reader of the similarities between Holmes and Pendergast. This entire angle of the plot opens a pleasurable excursion into the realm of "what if".

    "White Fire" hits the ground running on all cylinders and holds the reader's interest until the very last page through a series of twists and turns, red herrings, and ever widening mysteries encompassed by a community so artfully created that the reader can almost feel the cold as the snow piles up. As usual, Pendergast is as taciturn and brilliant in his investigations as the voluble Sherlock Holmes once was. Indeed, we see aspects of Pendergast that have very infrequently been on display in past novels. This is a well crafted suspense filled thriller that will keep readers guessing until the violent finale and denouement. I cannot recommend "White Fire" highly enough as a reader of all the Pendergast novels.

  • M. Davis - Just as described!

    This price was just to good to be true! I thought it couldn't be for real. Was skeptical but had to give it a try for this price. I love Bare Escentuals and have been using it for years....just can't get over this pricing! It was exactly as described....so order with confidence....no worries!! This stuff is great!! Thanks for the great price and fast shipping!!

  • David Cox - The Trojan Church

    This book is not for the faint of heart. It's very forward and some may not like it. But from my point of view if you are tired of feel good church that no longer teaches the gospel as it was meant to be taught and don't no why?? The Trojan Church may give a little light on the subject. As we speak our church's are turning into huge mega church's with sermons that tickle our ears as opposed to a life of spreading the word of God and now are reaching New Age eastern religous beliefs and exceed used instead of the gospel if Jesus Christ. This book will open your eyes and is highly recommended from me as a reader, you won't find anything like it. As well as its companion book A cry in the wilderness. The author is very out spoken and he tells the truth as it should be he exposes what some are masquerading as the word of God. So if you have the stomach for the truth instead of fairy tales please please I highly recommend these 2 books. In my opinion they both should be on the best seller list. Because they speak the aboslute truth, as the word of God should be told.