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  • Mom of Many "Kay" - Orgreenic frying panI have had two of these pans, 1 lrg fry-1 sm fry, and have liked them both. They are inexpensive and no harmful teflon. I have not had a problem with them sticking, I am careful not to put them in the dishwasher and only wipe them out. I typically use a form of oil (no sprays) or butter, lightly. Much less than if I were using cast iron. I don't expect to not use a little something. I am also careful not to get them too hot. If you take care of them they should last a few years at least, mine have.
  • kadzy "tech freak" - lenovo yoga 11coming from a pc with windows 8 upgrade, this is a sizeable windows 8 experience improvement. It does absolutely everything that I need without undue wait time. did not think that I needed office as I have managed to get by without it for some time, somehow I find myself using it anyway and this version (vs @ work) has a cleaner interface that I easily got used to.

    I am just guessing that others are more of a power user than I am. for browsing, streaming and social media, I have no complaints. IE 10 seems to work much better here than on my pc, though using favorites is still terrible, nothing against Lenovo here.
    the screen is very good, keyboard for my large hands is surprisingly roomy, my one complaint/problem being double letters in a word, sometimes come up as single, maybe I have a lazy typing style as when I am more deliberate, it's perfect.

    as for weight, maybe it is heavier than a 10" tablet but honestly its easier to hold when laying in bed than my old android unit. I straighten it out verticaly (screen above keyboard) and put the edge of the keyboard on my chest. this places the screen about 8" higher and this makes viewing much more comfortable for my neck and easier on the hands.

    I was hesitant to get a tegra powered tablet and was going to wait for the atom powered units to drop to my price point ($450) but I took the plunge on the strength of some reviews and Lenovo's reputation for quality. absolutely no regrets. really appreciate the larger screen, wonder if I will ever use my laptop again. getting an honest 11 to 12 hours of use...incredible since I have been downloading like crazy and playing with everything to get it set up the way I want. the next task is to increase the number of rows on the live tile page...more than enough screen for 4 rows (up from standard 3)
    I'll come back and update if I come up with some significant negatives but so far, exceeding my expectations.

    cheersLenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 11.6-Inch Convertible Touchscreen Laptop
  • abdmarc - Not just for pillowsMiddle aged? Hot flashes, night sweats, hot August nights? I don't use it in my pillow case, I lay it even with my upper body and roll over on it in the middle of those uncomfortable episodes. If you're patient and make sure to get all the air out as the instructions say, it works great. If your not patient, then you will only get temporary coolness which is still a big help (then move off it to let it cool down again). My first one lasted about a year before getting a small leak. My second one has lasted nearly a year. I couldn't sleep without it. I rest my arm on it when my tendonitis is at it's worst and get some relief from that also.