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  • Christopher Forbes "weirdears" - The Man Should Be Canonized!!!

    I have been through everything.... low fat, Optifast, cabbage soup, the Dean Ornish plan, and I can say unequivocally, that Dr. Atkins' diet is the only one that has given me such dramatic results, with a minimum of pain and suffering.

    I started Atkins about two months ago, weighing a huge amount (I'll never tell how much, but it was serious). I have stayed on induction for the past two months, pretty much without falling off. It's not that I have such great will power...I don't. But I really have absolutely no craving for carbohydrates or sweets, this from a convinced dessertophile. The net result is that in two months, I've shed about 34 lbs and gone down four pant sizes. My goal weight is still far off, but I feel better than I have in years.

    For Atkins to work, you have to be pretty religious about it I think. I have not found induction at all restrictive, except that I do miss fruit, especially apples. I also have found that exercise is not an option with this's essential, as the Dr. claims. The combination is more effective than diet or exercise is alone. Between the two, the health benefits of this lifestyle have been enormous. I had a blood workup done about 6 weeks into the program and it was excellent. My cholesterol was down fewer than 200 for the first time in 12 years, my heart rate was a healthy 72, and my cardio health was excellent.

    There are things to watch out for on this diet. The water-drinking requirement should not be taken lightly. It flushes out the kidneys, which is pretty important in a low carb diet. Also, forcing yourself not to cheat is also pretty important. The yoyo effect of a dessert on the weekend can be pretty's as if you are starting and stopping a diet over and over again and that's tough on your body. Supplements should be taken, especially vitamin D and C since the induction phase is particularly light in these vitamins. A fiber drink is essential for maintaining good bowel health. But if you can follow all of this, the plan is not too hard, nor is it too extreme...Dean THAT'S extreme! (I had good results on that as well, but it was too extreme for me to follow forever.)

    One note about the food...the recipes in the book and on the Atkins website are excellent, truly gourmet. And there's a nice blend of fast meals and fancier meals. The desserts though are disappointing. I find that it's better for me just to avoid dessert altogether than to try a low carb substitute. There's still enough delicious food without the need for sweets, and if I get even a little hankering for something sweet, there's always sugar free jello. All in all, this has been, for me, an almost painless diet and one that I highly recommend people consider, with advice of course from a medical professional.

  • WonderWoman "Catmom" - If you want the REAL 'dope' on drugs...

    After Google started, I got rid of my old PDR and trusted that I could find whatever I needed online. NOT true, at least not completely - I have serious allergic reactions to lots of things and drugs, and so often I would look up the drug, get the manufacturer's website or something similar, and the list of adverse reactions would be shortened and end with '....other reactions may occur that you should report to ....", or something along that order. I finally got disgusted and ordered this book - it's pricey, it's large, and it is COMPLETE. Maybe not for drugs that are not yet on the market, but for most of what is being prescribed now, you can't go wrong. It is written for doctors, so you have to be willing to look up some definitions sometimes, but for adverse reactions/side effects/uses of drugs, you can't beat it. I won't be without one again.