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  • Nancy Ball - Following my family's results!Over a year ago my brother who struggles with alcoholism and diabetes called me to say he and his wife were going to try this hydrogen therapy and lent me the book. After a month my brother went in to see his doctor for a check up and was asked what had he been doing because his blood glucose was perfect? In fact everything was perfect. Now just over a year later and my own husband has been diagnosed with Diabetes, but now is willing to do something about it. We read Wheat Belly and have cut out breads, pastas, and cut out potatoes with good results but are now ready to start the hydrogen therapy!
  • Gerry Neeson - Had to write this review!I was a MS Money user for years. The last 4 yrs i thought i didn't have enough time stay on top of my bills like i should(kids, work, life). Upon looking for a new personal finance program, i looked into MS Money. When finding out that MS was dropping money i looked into Quicken. While reading the reviews i wasn't sure that i wanted to purchase Quicken due to the poor reviews. While not haveing any real alternatives i bought quicken deluxe 2011 and LOVE IT!! My downloaded Balances have been correct, which is a huge plus and it's extreamly easy to use. I love it and I hope this review helps you alittle.
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    over all best baseball game on the market and out there for the ps vita
  • Ralph - Best there isWe had Nav. in one of our cars and really used it a lot. One car didn't have it so we order the Garmin. It is better than what was in our car. It tells you what street to turn on instead of "turn left at next street". This really makes a difference. Plus with the speed limits and ease of use you can't go wrong. We love it so much we traded the car with Nav (it was 5 years old) and bought one without Nav. then ordered another Garmin so we have one in each car. With Lifetime Map updates you can't beat it.