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  • D. Zinz "Prof Z" - Great ResourceThis little book fits in a shirt pocket easily but gives loads of information to both experts and diyer's alike. It provides information on everything from burial depths for wire/conduit to ampacities and fill rates for conduit. I use it daily in my position as an Electrical Associate in a major home improvement retailer.
  • Camper-Alex - Best $200 I ever spent on electronicsMy Kindle Fire exceeds my expectations for an e-reader and 7” tablet. Not only can I read my favorite books and magazines, but I can check my email, play a multitude of games and browse the web. This is more of a tablet computer than an e-reader. Using Amazon Silk really speeds up web browsing (compared to my son’s tablet) AND no need for anti-virus protection. I would purchase the Amazon Prime with this not only for the Fire for free two-day shipping of other Amazon orders. After the introduction of the Fire, other manufacturers were scrambling to produce a product with similar features and beat the price (The Nexus 16GB is about the closest).
  • Sharon - You will love it!You will laugh, you will cry, you will be moved, and you will absolutely love Susan Branch's newest book. It is her beautifully hand-written (or should I say painted?!)account of her trip to England. You don't want to miss this one! To learn more about Susan and her book, you can visit her blog at!
  • Carol King - Billy Crystal does it again!I'm a big fan of Billy as a stand-up comic. He makes it look so easy and the audience loves it. In this book, as he reluctantly turns 65, he brings you into his early years as a comic and, laughing all the way, you see that it isn't as easy as he makes it appear. Some of his chapters are downright hilarious. He also devotes time to his movie career (remember "When Harry Met Sally" and "City Slickers"?) and his relationship with the best comics of his time. I recommend this book to anyone interested in Billy's early life, up to the present time, especially the way in which he describes it - as only a comic of his stature can do.
  • kikombo - A Book that Makes a DifferenceSome books you own are read and put back on the shelf. This book stays near your bed or given to someone that you think is very special and needs a good lift. Julia Cameron allows the readers to experiment with ways that allow them to connect with a deep instinctive side oftentimes supressed in our fast-moving and busy world. A great book if you have time alone to spend near a beach or in the mountains, and if you just want to delve deeper into who you are, not who you want to create. I read somewhere, that the word "personality" comes from the Latin root meaning "persona" which means "mask". Who are we behind our personalities? What is our true nature when we do not have our masks? Who are we when we are not pretending? Julia walks us through thought provoking ideas, stories, and exercises that enable us to move in this journey of self-discovery. The road is long, but I'm glad that books like this exist to remind you that others have also traversed similar paths, and you can learn from what they've learned. Happy Reading!