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  • mr david w tunnicliff - excellent.what can you say, this thing is so good I bought another one!! make smoothies and green juices multiple times a day. I would recommend buying a spare blade also, as mi first one lasted for three months but it had been used six or seven times a day on just about everthing, ice, ginger, nuts, whole limes, marvellous product. I named mine Britney!!
  • Klee318 - Love it!This is a great resource. It has everything you need to start looking up basic information on US medical schools, at a fraction of the cost of AAMC's new online MSAR. As a side note to future med applicants--this book, unfortunately, probably won't be as useful in 2015. Once the new MCAT is implemented, there's a good chance average MCAT scores will change. In the meantime, I couldn't be happier with this book or this seller!
  • S. Lucas - Works for me amazingly well!I've suffered from cold sore outbreaks since childhood, and this stuff really really works wonders for me--- especially if I apply it as soon as I get the first tingling sensations of an emerging cold sore. Before using Abeva, my cold sores use to become huge and would last at least two weeks. With Abreva they either do not emerge at all, or stay very very small, and disappear within a few days.
  • Brandon B - Perfect for roommates and freeloaders.After reading these reviews I decided to buy a couple bags to test on my roommate. He's that guy that will just take a bite of your sandwich OR if you just so happen to have a bowl of delicious gummy bears on the table he will take it upon himself to handful after handful :)

    After he consumed about 1 1/2 bags of these time bombs he decided to go to his girlfriend's house...I think we know where this goes. I get a text from him this morning complaining about having to shit literally all night long and all day at work. I then refer him to this page and proceed to laugh. I don't think he learned anything valuable from this but I couldn't not try it.

    10/10 well done Harbio
  • Kim Bronakoski - One Day ResultsAs soon as the cold weather hits I end up in an endless battle to fend off cold sores and this year was no different. I had received a free sample of the new Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360 about a week or two previously so I was already prepared for this outbreak. After washing the affected area all that I had to do was squeeze the little vial until the liquid medication went up into the tip of the touch-free applicator then rub on the area until all the liquid was gone. Within a few moments the pain was alleviated and by the next day I could see a visible improvement as well. My job involves working with the public in the restaurant industry so knowing that I could count on Orajel to save me from embarrassment was a great feeling and I will make sure to always keep these on hand.