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  • Power Guy2 - Got a great Used one!Oct 11,2011 I recieved my USED book from a good ol in your state only store. Nearly new, cause the binding had 1 small
    crease and corners litely ruffed up. Also the price WOW $45+, below all earths book stores price, even lower then renting costs.
    Ok, read the details and buy a used one if you need it like me.
  • Private Person - Helped out after a colonoscopyI had a colonoscopy about three months ago and couldn't get regularly afterwards...I was going far more frequently and loosely than normal, and cramping/gassy. My doctor recommended these probiotics to me and I noticed a difference in just a few days, where I had better formation and longer durations in between (back to normal). I've been taking one daily now for a couple of months and will continue indefinitely, as they're helping.
  • Yvette Crowell - Another winner!Terry McMillian never disappoints. I did not want to put this book down. I couldn't wait to get to the the next chapter to read about each character but at the same time I didn't want the book to end. I laughed, my eyes watered a few times and I did more than a few nods because it felt like such a real story. I felt like I knew those people. I was sad to have the book end and will miss them. I do appreciate how it ended. Sometimes you finish a book and feel too curious about the people in it. She did an amazing job. Love this author!