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  • Shirley Hackert "shirleyinroseville" - Works, does no harm. smells good. Standard Poodle & Black magic catOur poodle spent 2 weeks with one of my relatives who also have a dog, and went on long walks down by the river. Although we gave her a good flea shampoo bath when be brought her home, some eggs must have survived, because one evening my own stomach was covered with flea bites.
    We did the shampoo thing again, and rewashed everything and vacumed, and ordered this product out of desperation. The standard flea meds make my dog sick for a few days.
    This works. And my dog didn't get sick, even sprayed the cat. All is well. Did have to apply it every week or two for a while. No big deal. It even feels good on my hands afterwards.
    Fleas are gone.
  • L. Riley - Miracle CureThis may not work the same for you, but I have Crohn's disease and I was on several medications, trying to wean myself off. I started taking two of these a day, and I was able to wean myself off immediately of my prescriptions. Whenever I feel a flare coming, I increase the pills that I take and it has always held off a bad episode. I've been taking this for about 9 months now. I had tried all sorts of other probiotics, including VSL, and did not have the same effect as this one. I read that sometimes taking just ONE bacteria is better than taking several different. But again, I'm sure everyone is different!
  • Ted Ferguson "Uncle Ted" - Good machine so farGot this as a birthday gift for my lovely wife who had been without a sewing machine for some time. A friend of hers recommended the janome brand. My wife has had nothing but good things to say about the machine and the quality seems good. My wife likes all the different stitch patterns. She's made Christmas stockings that look great and an angel costume for our daughters Christmas program. I would recommend this machine.
  • An old soldier - Compared to MS Money It's a DreamIf you were a long-time MS Money user like me, after reading these opinions, I was ready for the worst. Well, first of all, the Amazon software purchase was quick and seamless. Secondly, the actual program is pretty useful if you read the instructions. I had no problems connecting with my accounts and downloading the data. It sorted things out automatically for me and except for some of the handwritten checks, categorized them for me, too. The budget function is better than Money's and I expect most people are going to find the program simple and friendly to use.