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  • Evan Pinsoneault - Best PF since Wish You Were Here

    While "Animals", "The Wall", and "The Final Cut" were wonderful cds, they were mostly Roger Waters, with the rest of the band having little say on anything. After Roger left, "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" was released, although this time, Dave Gilmour is the dominating force. With "The Division Bell", the remaining three members are working in a way they haven't been working since "Wish You Were Here". They are working TOGETHER, and as a result, they have recorded Pink Floyd's best cd since WYWH.

    Although there are no songs that go into the double digits, restrain isn't always a bad thing. All 11 songs on "The Division Bell" are consistently good, making good use of acoustic guitars, a variety of pianos and keyboards, and the trademark Gilmour solo. Like evry other Floyd cd, the flow from song to song is a smooth transition, making this 60+ minute CD interesting, without dragging on.

    The first half of the cd is fairly mellow, with a pair of relaxing instrumentals ("Cluster One", "Marooned"), the soaring ballads ("Poles Apart", "A Great Day For Freedom"), the bluesy "What Do You Want From Me?", and the Richard Wright-penned "Wearing the Inside Out".

    The second half of the cd have a slew of radio singles, including the upbeat "Keep Talking", the U2-esque ("Take It Back", "Coming Back To Life, "Lost For Words"), and the dramatic finale, "High Hopes".

    In conclusion, "The Division Bell" is a great way for Pink Floyd to say goodbye.

  • jjiggs65 - What a relief!

    I had borrowed this set of cds from a friend and I was able to put some of the ideas into practice immediately. Great results. What an incredible relief. I have a degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Development, as well as 15 years of working with children in several different settings. Having my own children has been a totally different experience, just like people said it would be. Although my son (10 yrs. old) is typically known to be a wonderful kid with others, with me he had become more and more disrespectful and abnoxious. I had started to wonder if there was a medical or psychological issue that I was missing. With the help of this program, I have already started to turn things around. Amen!

  • Jery Tillotson "author" - Nobody Does It Better!

    Nobody does it better than Ann Coulter! She uses words like bullets, cutting through polite and civilized posturings and politically correct posing. In this book, she carries on her heady and exhilirating tradition of her last book, "Treason." Coulter pulls no punches, when it comes to decontructing the myriad of conceits of self-styled liberals. She pulls way the window dressing to reveal the extreme liberals for what they are: rabid do-gooders who refuse to listen to another person's viewpoints. Don't get me wrong! Here in NYC, I have many liberal buddies. These are the ones you can converse with. Ann aims at the blow-hards and the unmoveables of liberal tradition. Buy this one!

  • Kristofer Sandlund "The Storyteller" - Donnie Yen rocks!

    Great movie! After Bruce Lee's death, I remember thinking I would never see anything like him again. Donnie Yen comes close- very close! His fighting style is different, especially with regards to his facial expressions. I know that seems like a strange comparison, but it's true. Bruce Lee, while fighting, looked like a man filled with rage- an unbridled energy and force of nature. Donnie Yen fights with an expression of perfect peace- fully aware of everything that surrounds him, and in total control... of everything. For me, where they are alike is in the lightning speed they both posses. I know- this is cinema and anything can be faked- but I don't believe this is. Mr. Yen uses more wire work than Mr. Lee did, but it's the up close fighting that takes your breath away- then and now. I cannot do justice to the pure brilliance of these two men, separated by 40 years. And what about the movie itself? I thoroughly enjoyed it- start to finish. The detective, who analyzes the death of two thugs at the hands of Mr. Yen, gives a interesting angle to the script that I haven't seen before. There is much more going on during the opening fight scene than you might think! The storyline expands nicely and kept my interest throughout. The scenery is gorgeous- thank you Blu-ray! I highly recommend the movie, The "Yen Man" never disappoints!