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  • KMoon - great toy!my newborn absolutly loves this! It keeps him busy for at least 25 minutes on his own, he's's 6 weeks old. He loves looking in the mirror and kicking the piano! He hasn't figured out the other toys yet but that's something to look forward to when he is older. Best $ I spent because this product = a smile on his face, and thats priceless to me:)
  • Kay - Rephresh has saved me!07/29/13 UPDATE: I've been on this for a while now, and BV has not bothered me at all. It's become a daily essential. It took time to take full effect but now I haven't had any BV! :)

    For the past 3 years, I've had recurring bacterial vaginosis. I would go to the doctor, take the antibiotics, then immediately after I finished the antibiotics, it came right back. I kept coming back to the doctor, and she began treating me like I was a filthy whore. She questioned my hygiene, told me to wipe front to back as if I was wiping my poop all over myself, and kept saying "you need to use condoms! you need to use condoms!" even when I wasn't even having sex...
    I began to feel like I was dirty, when I wasn't. I felt like it was my fault I had this problem. The doctors would just keep giving me antibiotics, and nothing more. I finally gave up and stopped bothering.

    It got so bad, it started hurting me. I felt extremely tender and raw down there, it smelled horrible, and was always runny with discharge. I constantly had to go clean up throughout the day. Sex with me fiance became really painful for me to where I had to stop, and it would hurt him too. It would sometimes give him a rash and make him swell... it was a huge turnoff for me, overall I just felt disgusting.

    I've tried different probiotics that never worked, but I decided to try rephresh pro-B. IT HAS WORKED WONDERS FOR ME! I started taking it after I took more antibiotics. The BV hasn't come back. No odor, no pain, no runny discharge. From having BV for so long, I also had a yeast infection, but pro-B kept symptoms to a bare minimum, still no odor or itching or pain. I got treated for the yeast infection, and everything is going well! I feel so much more fresh and clean, and sexier too!
    Don't pass by Pro-B... it's well worth the money, and will restore and maintain pH balance and vaginal health!
  • Kelly - I love this Stroller!!This stroller is by far the best single stroller I've ever owned. Some of my favorite features are...

    -EASY maneuverability! I can EASILY push my 1.5 year old with one hand, and my 3.5 yr old with one hand as well! THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE FEATURE!
    -A CINCH to fold up! (seriously it cant get much easier)
    -small folded up size, easy to fit anywhere!
    -Huge canopy umbrella
    -free attachment for use of Britax infant seat!
    -larger wheels that do really well outdoors! (I was hesitant on this but after owning a huge bulky inflatable tire all-terrain stroller this one wins by a landslide and still does very well on gravel!)
    -easy to adjust 5 point harness.
    -The little foot rest is nice for my 3.5 year old and has proven multiple times to catch toys from my 1.5 year old. :)
    -the suspension makes for a seemingly smoother ride than my other strollers
    -seat reclines almost fully.
    -The BRAKE! One brake for both wheels and easy to click on and off.
    - I haven't bought any, but love the options of add ons such as the child tray and pull behind board!

    Now for just a couple things i wish were a little different/better....
    - Small storage basket and a bit narrow to get things in and out. i wish it was a bit bigger or more importantly easier to access.
    -NO PARENT TRAY! However the stroller is very reasonably priced for how much i love it. I did purchase a Diono universal parent tray organizer and it does great! (I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING ONE)
    -the seat fully upright still slightly leans back a bit and my 1.5 yr old has gotten frustrated with this once or twice. However, If i fiddle with the straps in the back i can get it to sit up a bit more.

    In conclusion I feel like after weighing all the pros and cons and price this stroller truely excels!! I would recommend it to anyone!!
  • Kjartan Valdimarsson - The True Image 2013 Plus works great for making backup-image of your computer.My computer is packed with developing/engineering software. If the hard drive crashes, then it would take me forever to re-install Windows and my software to a new hard drive.

    The True Image 2013 Plus software can back up your computer files or your whole hard drive image. I use it regularly for making a copy of my computer hard drive image (after any software or software upgrade install).

    Recently my computer hard drive crashed. Because I had my backed up image(s) on an external USB hard drive and I had a spare new hard drive for my computer, I was able to restore my computer in about 45 minutes.

    The program comes with a boot-up disk that I use regularly to copy the image of my computer hard drive or when needing to re-store the saved hard drive image to another hard drive.

    After registering your product on the Acronis web site then you can always download the latest software and boot-up disk upgrade.