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  • Ms. L. M. Dixon "Laura Marie" - best book iv'e read this yearThis book has helped me greatly. An absolute must read for all women weather your single or not. The main thing I got from this was how to value myself regardless of who's in my life. Also gave me an insite into mens logic (clearly very different to womens). Thank you MR Hussey. Hurry up with another book pleeeeaaaaaase :-)
  • Amy Elizabeth Landers - A must for everyone in health careA must for any internal medicine provider, ambulatory care and certainly infectious diseases - pharmacists, physicians, nurses and all students.
  • Tiger - Nice Improvements from 2009 / Works Perfectly for MeI had zero problems with the 2012 edition, using a fresh install (Win7-64), and upgrading my files from 2009, and using for manual entry. Overall I like the improvement from 2009 to 2012. There are mostly improvements in ease of use and added control, but there are a few degradations. Intuit pushed you to upgrade now every 3 years if you use online updates, where as I think it was about 5 years when I last upgraded to 2009. So to keep current, I think the 2012 edition is an incremental improvement. For a necessary application like managing your finances, I am still very happy with Quicken.

    Quicken is a comprehensive home finance tool, that there always seem to be more I can do with it if I only had the time. The basics are easy, like tracking your accounts & bills. It is easy to search for things by category whether to review or confirm for your taxes. Reports can be interesting. Investment tracking is a trickier though. I don't download transactions and prefer to enter manually for my own validation purposes, so I cannot comment on the updates problems some other reviews had commented on.

    Rather than upgrading from my 2009 install, I did a full, fresh install of just 2012 on my new PC with Windows 7 (64-bit), which went without a hitch. When it first starts, it gets and applies updates easily. Then I just opened my existing 2009 files, and it upgraded them. Everything was there and seems to function just fine. I never had a single problem yet.

    The basics like your registry entry look the same as before, summary of accounts on left, list of bills, etc. The most welcome improvement for me was on the list view of bills to select a larger range of "upcoming" and toggle on and off already paid. In 2009, you could only see 30 days at most before having to switch to month view and page by month. Now in 2010 it lets you pick a great array of ranges from a few to all. I really like this to scan ahead for bills that are yearly or bi-yearly so they aren't a surprise when they pop into the 30 day scope. This was my primary complaint in daily use of the 2009, and such a little thing makes it so much more usable to me. The only degradation that is noteworthy to me in routine use is when editing paychecks you have to scroll a lot to view and work with various fields rather than a nice single-page view. The panel allocates less space for viewing the details, makes you scroll, and seems to consume more and more space. It was easiest in 2003, slightly worse in 2009, now really demands scrolling in 2012. Maybe if your resolution is very high and font size small, maybe it works.

    This brings me to one less-than perfect aspect is the fonts aren't as clear or crisp at a high resolution with large font sizes set in Windows 7 preferences, but are no worse than they were in 2009. In Windows, you can keep a high resolution for very crisp text, like 1900x1200, but can set preference for larger fonts so you can actually read it, and it results in a very crisp large enough letters in Windows native applications like folder browsing and Internet Explorer. But in Quicken, it isn't as crisp, but is plenty enough and not a problem, just not as crisp as it is elsewhere.
  • Gavin S Fort - Not used yet, but very impressed so far.I ordered the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe travel system and we just put it all together (which took about 3 minutes). We are so impressed with the quality of this thing. Super high-end materials (compared to strollers I've handled in the store), very good-looking design, not too big, not too small, and best of all: all of the mechanics (the buttons, folds, hinges, etc.) are solid. So much of the baby gear out there works right the first couple times but the more you fiddle with it, things get stuck. Not the case with this Britax gear.
    Very, very happy with our purchase--after months of research we got the right thing.