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  • D. Hancock "Interesting" - Used this in College, GREAT tutorial book.This series of books, be they for whatever version of solidworks is just great. There are several different projects in the book and the author goes through each project step by step to teach you how to build that part. Later projects expand on earlier ones by using newer tools and incorporating new aspects of Solidworks.

    The 'final' project puts them all together in a larger assembly.

    Unfortunately I lost my copy I had in college, but was happy to see it available for the verson I have access to.

    I wouldn't say it is a as good of a REFERENCE book, but it is an excellent TUTORIAL style book.
  • Marie Lloyd - The best spray!We had a bad flea problem and tried a lot of other spays on the market but they didn't work very well.You will also have to use medication for your pets that stop the flea breeding cycle which we had already started and then I bought this spray and it killed the fleas on contact! Even after we got rid of the fleas, we still spray this on carpets, pet bedding and furniture in the warmer months just in case some get in! Yes, I recomment this product!
  • Donna G. Harrington "donnah" - NO NO, means Yes Yes!After many years of fighting hair removal from areas that I didn't want there to be. NO NO came up with a wonderful product the NO NO. Easy to use, No scarring, quick. I love it. If you have facial hair that you want gone, buy this one, All those others I tried were just a waste of my time and in some cases painful and irritating to my skin. I no longer have to deal with that I love it!