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  • Shannon S. Ash "ShannonAsh" - Results Validated - It's a BOY!Was intrigued by this product, so had to try it. Tested it out this morning at 0500 (no sleeping for soon to be third time parents!) and the product was absolutely definitely 100% green. No ambivalence - both DH and I saw the same results after following directions precisely. So according to the test, we should be expecting a boy. BTW - the instructions say to use a "white background" under the test, i.e. a paper plate. Well, if you deconstruct the box carefully, the inside is - guess what - WHITE! So I took the box apart and used the box as my "white base". A "green" tip. (Pun intended). ADDENDUM: Found out via ultrasound today this little stinker is indeed a boy! Was fun to do. As the test advises, wouldn't paint nursery or other "drastic" things based on it though. A Boy!
  • R. Heller "Book Lover" - this is a wonderful tabletI bought the Galaxy Tab2 after researching current tablets on a number of web sites . I had to replace my Toshiba Thrive which was my first tablet . It developed a crack in the upper left corner . I say developed, because it was never dropped and was always kept in a protective case. Since it was warranteed with Squaretrade, they told me to send the Toshiba to them and they will be sending me $300.00 ( my cost for the tablet) to replace it. The Galaxy Tab came in at about that price. The crack was the best thing that happened to me ! I didn't realize how wonderful a tablet could be ! The Galaxy is a brilliant instrument . It towers over the Thrive in design, display and ease of use. It is sleek, responsive and a joy to use. I wanted a Samsung product since I am now using the Galaxy Blaze smart phone and enjoy that device very much. I considered upgrading to the Galaxy Note, but after comparing both devices I choose the Tab 2 for it's price as I am not a gamer and don't require the fastest processors.
    I've had it only a few days and so far, I am enjoying it very much !
    BTW, Squaretrade warranty is the only way to go. they have come through now 3 times for me ....I would never own another electronic device without their warranty. Let's face it...these things break sooner or later !!!!
  • Maurice Hillman - iPhone modification works like a charm - nearlyWithout having known it, I must have ordered this cable for my iPhone and made a few modifications to it. While sitting at my desk today, I found myself back in the evening of Jaunary 6, 1980. There was no messy vortex nor any tingling sensation that came with the normal sorts of time travel. The transition was instantaneous! The only problem was that Verizon did not have any cell towers in 1980, so I could not readily transport myself back. It took a call to Cynthia at Verizon support to assist me with my return by performing a system reset on the iPhone. Fortunately, the phone worked much like it would had I taken the shaky ride on the TARDIS - able to call anyone, anywhere, at anytime. I don't know what I would have done had I not been able to call Cynthia back in 2013.

    Be careful when making modifications to this cable. Make sure that you have an alternate method of return.
  • Jacalyn "Jacalyn" - Excellent source for individual creativityI liked this book. I checked it out of the library and after reading it decided I needed my own copy. It offers ideas on how to get back the creative spirit in all of us. And, I think it is not only good for the serious creative types who have been resisting the creative urge for many reasons BUT it is excellent for developing a creative attitude for business purposes also. It will help anyone wanting to access the creative inner spirit and using that creative in various areas of life.
  • L. Edwards - Acronis True Image backupAs a long time Acronis user, as of now, I am very happy with 2013. Prior to this version, I was still using 2011 because of all the bad reviews that 2012 received.

    Being familiar with data recovery/backup, I use Acronis daily (Sunday - Friday) to back up my datafiles and weekly (Saturday) to backup my entire hard drive. These backups are stored on a portable hard drive and I rotate between two hard drives. The backups for the prior week, I keep in a safe. That way if my computer fails, or something damages my home (office), I can immediately restore when I have access to a new computer.

    My prior versions of Acronis had problems with "hanging up" (i.e. stop responding) or I would get messages indicating that Acronis was using too much space (high CPU usage.) When the previous versions stopped responding, sometimes they would recover if I waited but sometimes I would have to log off and back on in order to complete the backup. In addition, occasionally the backup would finish with an error so I needed to start over. This was frustrating and a time waster. With Acronis 2013, I have not had any of these problems.

    Because of the problems, several times I looked for other backup software to do my daily and weekly backup but couldn't find anything else that had good reviews for a reasonable price.

    Before making the commitment to upgrade, I downloaded the "free trial" from the Acronis website and verified that the restore option worked with no problems. Perfect restore.

    Update written 11/24/12: After using this upgrade for over two months, it works so much more easily than the prior versions. The backups run more quickly and, as of now, have never gotten hung up during the backup. My files are also easily restored. Based on the other products I've looked at, this is an excellent backup option.

    For anyone who has a previous version of Acronis, the upgrade can be downloaded on their (Acronis) website for $19.99.