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  • Pamela Fulton - This Book Helps!

    Esther Gokhale's book is one self-help book that really helps. I got the book as soon as it first came out and immediately began using the sections on "Stretchsitting" and "Stretchlyhing." My back which has multiple problems began to feel better as soon as I began stretching it according to Gokhale's method. I had done several courses in physical therapy and, although it helped overall, I learned that some of the exercises they had me do were not helpful because they aggravated my problems. The book makes sense. My problems were caused by years of poor posture. I thought that at age 69 it was too late to do anything about it. Esther Gokhale tells me it's not too late and that I can get better by incorporating her method into my daily routines. My back is clearly feeling better!

  • allison buckley - Trust me, Buy it. But understand this first...

    I'll make it simple...
    2. You have to take at least 3 pills a day-- an hour or two before every meal.
    3. You need to WATCH WHAT YOU ARE EATING! For those of you who have said it doesn't work, are you sticking to a recommended number of calories every day or are you overeating? I stick to a 1200 cal budget (because I am 5'3 and overweight).
    4. You will still lose weight by eating healthy portions and health(ier) food than normal and taking the pill, but if you add exercise to the mix, your weight loss will DOUBLE OR TRIPLE.
    6. Also, please don't rely on just the scale to tell you if the pill works or not. Within days of taking it, you will start to notice your stomach becoming less bloated. You will also start to lose inches in your arms and legs and stomach (even if it says you've only lost a pound). I have an actual waist for the first time in a while, and I have tech. only lost 6 pounds.

    I started this pill three weeks ago. The first week, I lost FOUR pounds. Then, I found myself overeating on the weekends and it could quickly pack back on (due to bloating and what have you). So, I started trying to do better on the weekends and I have shed that weight again. So now, I can continue to improve. It's not going to happen overnight people. It's not going to just melt your fat away. BUT IT WILL HELP YOU QUITE A BIT.

    I am glad I purchased this product and when it's time, I will buy it again. Gives you hope-- a big push. And if you use it correctly (with a good diet and exercise), it will make this weight loss process a lot easier for you.