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  • Ruby L Phillips - Great And Smells Good

    I used this product years ago.. while attending the gym... it works and it smells so good you think your on a island somewhere... I don't remember the one years ago to be so greasy.. but it could be my memory.... you can over look the greasy feeling just from the smell and how it works...I wear a sweat belt/sweat suit when I use it.. on belly, thights or even rear end.

    I would highly recommend this product for it sweat and sweat. It would even be great for just working in the yard.. which is what I do... just my opinonion.

  • Lisa - absolutely essential read!

    It is so reassuring to develop my birth plan based on evidence and thoughtful weighing of risk and benefit. I also hope that my hospital and doctor will be more inclined to respect our wishes having solid science behind them rather than an emotionally based plan. Thank you Emily! I admire the work and thought you have put into this book and allowed so many to benefit from .

  • Kevin Pepper "JedeyeNite" - Dependable Protection for My Mac

    McAfee is a great antivirus software program for any computer. I have used McAfee for years, and have been very satisfied with its performance. It's very easy to install, and it is very dependable for keeping unwanted materials off my Mac. It's very easy to customize it to your indivicual preference for the degree of protection you want. This is a product I have used for years, and I can trust it completely to protect my computer.

  • D. Stone - It's a hit.

    This Kick and Grow Piano Gym is a huge hit with my twin gransons, they started using it at about 3 months old, they are content for quite a while kicking the musical piano, watching their faces in the mirror and batting the toys. I would definately recommend this to other parents/granparents.