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  • G. Miller "Gary Grape" - Recommended to all my sponseesI've been in recovery for sex and love addiction for 14 plus years. When I first read this book, about 12 years ago, it blew me away. I've recommended to people ever since and their reaction is nearly always the same..."Oh my god,now I understand why I have such pain and difficulty in relationships!"
    While the book will explain the addictive nature of love addiction in the first couple of chapters, it is but a tool to move beyond the shadowy existence so many of us live, to a full life of love, joy and fulfillment. There is a 12 step group that has helped me along this road. I could not have advanced with out the support of other addcits in recovery. If you are serious about getting off the treadmill, you'll find that group. Hope your journey is as rewarding.
  • Kathleen Kelly "Celticlady" - Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin HealyI have to honestly say that I really loved this book. I had looked at Kiss I do not know how many times at the local bookstore. I would pick it up and always put it back, but I was intrigued by the cover. It had me thinking all sorts of things about the story. I had thought that Ted Dekker only wrote Christian fiction. I have nothing against this genre but I had never read a lot of it and didn't really care for it. I have read some Dee Henderson, which I enjoyed, but that was about it.This book changed my mind and I am glad that I bought it.

    Erin Healy has co authored a few books with Ted Dekker and is soon to have her novel, Never Let You Go to be released in January 2010. Ted and Erin have a new novel coming out called Burn to also be released in January 2010.

    The main character Shauna, who ended up in a coma after a car accident that also injured her brother. He ended up with a brain injury and it wiped out her memory of the previous six months. Shauna's father is running for President and has some dark secrets. Shauna and her father have been estranged for a long time and Shauna does not like her stepmother, who is just a nasty person who abused her in her younger years. She will not allow Shauna to see her brother at all and blames Shauna for what happened to.

    After the accident Shauna finds that she is able to "take" peoples memories, and she does not remember anything that happened prior to the accident. With the help of a boyfriend she does not remember, they try to figure out what caused the accident or whether it was just an accident or something more sinister. She tries to find out what her fathers secrets are. Since her accident and memory loss she has a hard time deciding who she can trust.

    She also has drug charges and criminal negligence charges against her. She begins to suspect that people who she thinks she trusted turn out to have different ideas and she realizes that someone is trying to kill her for what she knows or what they think she knows. Whoever is after her does not want her to remember what happened. To say any more would spoil the read for you.

    Kiss is a suspenseful, paranormal thriller that you will not want to put down. Just when you think something will happen, the story spins in a different direction more suspensful than before. As a matter of fact I would read it at night untill the book would fall on the floor, I liked it that much. I know I will be reading more of Ted Dekker and Erin Healy novels.

    I highly recommend it. Go get a copy and I am sure you will feel the same.
  • K. Williams "moonbeam" - Great productThis product has not been put down since I got it for a young lady, the only time that it is away from her is when she is in school and when she is asleep. I bought a charger for it, but the young lady uses it so much that the batteries that are in it get used faster than what the charger can keep up with. This young lady is always on it.
  • David Ludwig - Dont by knock offsI had bought 4 pairs of the knock off glasses and had to deal with syncing them all the time and they are heavy. I returned them and got 4 of the 3rd gen Panasonic to go with my AE7000 Projector and they work flawless. They are light and fit everyones faces. i got all mediums. They hold a charge very well and just work with no hassles.