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  • TrueTK45 - True BelieverI used to sweat profusely all year long. I tried the high strength deodorant and a couple other products, with no luck. Saw this on Rachael Ray and thought I would give it a shot. First application didn't work so I retried another one a couple days later. After the second try, I was dry free. It felt amazing! Now I can go 10 days without a new application of this stuff! Always need this on hand. Love it!
  • Pizza Quixote "Google my blog!" - Worth A TrySee your doctor first. This is an easy to read book, with real practical suggestions. It will not work for everyone, but it is surely worth a try. In fact, I lost weight (that's good) on this diet by eliminating all of the junk carbs from my diet. Turns out I do not have IBD/IBS, but this diet can do no harm, and it may do you some good.
  • Herb7 - Quicken 2013 DeLuxeI've been using Quicken since the days of Windows 3.1 and was not happy with Quicken 6 nor Quicken DeLuxe 2009, however, Quicken 2013 DeLuxe is right on the money for me. Because I create my own Categories for my CPA to enter in tax returns, I do not download credit card expenses online. Upon returning from business trips, I often had to sit and make up to 50 entries. Now with the companion smart phone app, I'm able to make entries on the run to the Quicken cloud and simply sync my desktop upon return. Five stars from me ***** !
  • AZ Judy "AZ Judy" - Join Tris and Four as they face demons from their past, work with 'friends' against Erudite, and a shocking twist is revealed!I highly recommend any readers who enjoy dystopian novels to READ THIS NOW if you have read DIVERGENT(it picks up immediately after the end of Divergent), AND immediately follow it up with the final book ALLEGIANT.
    Do NOT look at SPOILERS for the books, and read the books for yourself and make up your mind with regard to them! If you enjoy the Dystopian Genre, these are the best of the best!!!

    There are so many reviews here, that I'm not sure adding my voice will make a difference. But Tris continues making a difference when she was one person in a conflict of many and so I'm going to share just my general thoughts.

    Again, the author's done an amazing job of world building in dystopian Chicago. Tris & Four/Tobias join the Abnegation survivors at the Amity farms. Later they visit the Candor HQ. So now we have visited the 5 factions, & we end up getting more familiar with the factionless as well, and the world is incredibly detailed and again believable.
    Tris, in the 'calm' after the storm of the Erudite simulation resulting in the murders of half of the Abnegation, is reeling from the deaths of her parents. Recognizing that they sacrificed themselves because they loved her, she feels guilt over having left them along with PTSD dealing with aftereffects of seeing them killed. Even more troubling, Tris is engulfed in guilt and PTSD from having shot and killed her friend Will while he was in the simulation.
    Tris is keeping secrets, especially the depths of her distress and is making it very hard for Four/Tobias to be a good boyfriend. Four/Tobias has been keeping a BIG secret of his own and as secrets are revealed back and forth the fledgling relationship between them suffers. They still are drawn to one another and love each other, but their trust is being taxed and their reliance on the strengths of the other is not assured. Motivated by guilt, depression and trauma, Tris makes some destructive decisions, is betrayed by someone you will never suspect, and is helped by the person you least expect.
    The reasons will be revealed for Erudite's 'hunting' of Divergent's, the attack on Abnegation, and their ongoing pursuit of power.
    The huge twist at the end of Insurgent is shocking to the people of all factions (and to the readers). It makes them question everything they have ever known and opens their world to completely different possibilities and problems.
    I believe that I enjoyed Insurgent even more than Divergent, which I wouldn't have thought possible. I was frustrated by the secrets and tension between Tris and Four/Tobias, was captivated by the action and twists and turns throughout the book, and I still was rooting for Tris throughout the whole book. I was also rooting for Tris and Four/Tobias to work out thier issues.
    Do not stop after reading this book.... immediately move on to Allegiant for the surprising and action packed final book in the series.