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  • silverkarrie - I'm really pleased that I purchesed this product!

    I've been using my Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte machine for just over a month. First of all, the machine has already paid for itself. Believe me spending $4 on a latte every day of the week, sometime two a day puts a big strain on your wallet. The machine is simple to use and after a bit of experimenting with different espressos and measurements, I have been able to make my perfect latte. I don't miss Starbucks or DD a bit. Either does my waist line! Even tho I mostly always ordered my lattes with non-fat milk, I often wondered if they actually were. This way I know I'm not drinking a five or six hundred calorie drink. I use fat free milk and sugar free syrup and get a great latte. I know some reviewers are disappointed with the fact the carafe cant be inserted in to the dishwasher....I still give this a 5 star rating, it takes under a minute to wash it out and I don't mind at all.

  • barry - Excellent book on a serious illness

    I've never really known what to make of all these "For Dummies" books. With some subject matters their existence made a lot of sense. Having much personal experience with biploar I am well aware of its complexity and seriousness. It's an illness that takes much dedication to fully understand if it is for someone you care about you want to help and if you have bipolar itself it is just so much to comprehend without the proper care. Opening this book I was truly afraid that it may possibly cause more harm than good. What I found instead was a comprehensive guide to understanding an often musunderstood serious illness set up in a perfect way for any person to find some definite use from it.

    For the sufferer of biplolar it provides much in further understanding of the ilness approached in a gentle, nonjudgemental yet very informative manner. And for those seeking to help someone else it lays out what needs to be understood, why and what helps a bipolar person and what doesn't. The book is split into 7 detailed sections starting with getting to know bipolar. It does a very good job in explaining the many different ways the illness can show itself as well as the differences betweeen bipolar I and bipolar II. The book gooes into detail on how to go about getting help, how to know if the help is working and how and why medication is a major part of treating the illness. Bipolar people can have moods of strong intensity on both ends of the spectrum even when treated and there are many tools given here on how the sufferer can learn to handle the illness and mood management when dealing with other people and social situations.

    The book also is an essential tool for someone seeking to understand the illness to help another. Also by showing how to identify the signs of mood swings and rapid episodes it helps both the patient and the caregiver. Bipolar is an illness that keeps on changing moods even when being treated. The book helps patients learn to suppport themselves as well as how to ask for appropriate help from others. It also gives support to the patient when dealing with those in their life who just can't deal with the illness. Bipolar is a serious illness that needs to be understood by sufferers as well as those who care for them. The illness becomes another entity in any relationship and it doesn't need a to be a negative thing. I was very impressed with all the thorough information this book provided, found it to be very up to date and accurate and also admired what it did not do. The book strongly stated what its purpose was and provides many suggestions for further information and support. This is definitely a great introduction to bipolar but manages to provide even more than that. The illness is approached with the respect and seriousness it deserves while presenting everything in an easy to understand manner. Definitely recommended.

  • Carol - A one sitting book!

    This is an amazing book! I got it yesterday and started it in the afternoon, stayed up until 3:30 am, woke up and couldn't start my day until I'd finished it. It was one of the absolute best books I've ever read. An amazing page turner. There were no slow parts, every word had me on the edge of my seat! It was very disturbing, but amazing all the same.
    Read this book, quick! You will not be disappointed.