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  • Thomas E. Rehm - Revolutionary JesusReza Aslan has done the world a service. Everyone should read this book - not just Christians. It is important to know how Christianity got its start. It has shaped our world. How did it all start? Aslan tells the story. Jesus was an amazing person to have done what he did, had the following he had, and had it be sustained after his death. Nearly two thousand years later, we could just as easily be discussing a worldwide religious belief started by Theudas, Athronges, Hezekiah, Simon of Perea, Judas the Galilean, Menahem, Simon son of Giora, Simon son of Kochba, the Essenes, the Zealots, or the Sicarii, all messianic revolutionaries in the first centuries B.C.E. and C.E. I thank Reza Aslan for devoting over 20 years of his life in an obviously sincere and serious effort to understand that period. His toil is our benefit. The history is riveting: A hundred years of Jewish revolt against Roman occupiers; Rome's merciless attacks on those revolutionaries and their followers, most far exceeding in horror the attacks on Jesus and his followers; the events in the run-up to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E.; and the interweaving in that story of the roots of Christianity. That story is jaw dropping: The Jewishness of Jesus' followers; the morphing of his following in the mid-60s C.E. into the image of Paul (Saul of Tarsus); the further morphing after 70 C.E. by Greco-Roman followers of Paul (a.k.a. Mark, Matthew, Luke, John) who wanted to distance the 'Jesus following' from the pariah Jews; and the institutionalizing of Paul's movement by the Roman state into the early Catholic Church. I never heard of Reza Aslan until I heard him interviewed on NPR about a month ago, i.e., I'm not his agent. I'm just a guy who always wondered about the origins of Christianity. Now I know.
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