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  • Delmar - The Best of the BestOrdered the Prime for my wife for Christmas and it arrived just in time. Thank you best buy! My wife loves tech stuff as much as I do, and we both love the Prime. We ordered Kindle Fires for the kids, and I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus because I wanted a smaller Tab, but as far as 10" Tabs go, the Asus Transformer Prime is the best.

    I would have bought it just for the build alone. It is quite amazing how this thing looks and feels in your hands. It is amazingly light and thin yet feels rock solid. The location of the on/off switch on the top and the volume rocker on the side (landscape) is perfect also. Other Tabs with plastic backs tend to feel too flexible and dent/scratch rather easily. The metal iPad is nice, but the iPad just doesn't feel right in my hands compared to the Prime.

    The screen is bright, colors are rich and deep, viewing angle is GREAT, and it's HD all the way. Pics online don't do it justice at all. You really have to feel it and see it in person to really appreciate it. The Galaxy Tab is the only thing that comes close.

    Of course, the Tegra 3 chip is one of the things that makes this Tab special and it does not disappoint. Page transitions are ultra smooth and gaming is glitch free and visually second to none in the Tab world. This is where Apple has always had an edge on Android, but no more. Web browsing is very fast, but no better than my Samsung. This is not due to the Prime, but rather to Honeycomb. ICS should speed up all Tabs in about a
    month from now.
    The Prime has one of the loudest speakers I've heard and it sounds pretty good too. It's a little unusual to have only one speaker on the back instead of two on the sides these days, but it doesn't pose a real problem although it is possible to cover the speaker with your hand while holding. Most of the time I'm having to turn it down!
    I read that the camera was good, but it really blew me away to see the quality of pics this thing can produce. It is as good as my 8MP Sony even in relatively low light indoor shots. I was VERY impressed. The front facing camera is average.
    Two basic problems seemed to occur in some pre-release Primes which were sent out for Tech review: WiFi weakness and missed touchscreen ques. We have experienced neither problem. Touch sensitivity seems about right for us and WiFi connectivity is good, although my Samsung does seem a little stronger. Again, NO PROBLEMS with our unit.
    We are VERY pleased with the Prime. It was a Christmas highlight to watch my 70 year old Mom race her jet ski in Riptide. Mom likes the Prime too.
  • Sunshine City Customer - Miami, FLSince I my first period I was never regular. At 21 my gyn put on me the pill to regulate it. I took the pill for 9 years. On november 2010 I had a laparoscopy due to a cyst found in my left ovary. After the surgery and with no pills at all my cycles were more irregular than ever. Between one cycle and other were 56 days. The gyn recommended me Provera a "jump to start after the pill" but after so many bad reviews DH and I decided not to take it and instead tried Fertilaid which has amazing reviews. Three days after taking it I had my first period. After the first bottle I decided to take a second bottle to maintain my cycle in 33 days (Fertilaid decreased from 56 to 33 days!). When I started taking the second bottle 5 days before AF I had my BFP!! I am 5 weeks pregnant now. We tried to conceived for 3 months before Fertilaid and after Fertilaid it took us only month and a half. I totally recommended this product.
  • Raymond A Arsenault - This Diet Really WorksHaylie Pomroy writes in an understandable and clear manner. Although the book is rich in evidence-based techniques it really does not come across as too nerdy. The science is real and you can get great results using a diet that does not leave you hungry! I highly recommend this book to anyone who iis really ready to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Gadget Man "Gadget Man" - Relieved After Converting from Microsoft MoneyI've been using Microsoft Money for about 10 years. So after Microsoft decided to abandon Money, I was reluctant to get Quicken. I had visions of losing significant amount of details and organization by converting from Money to Quicken. We know how these things usually work...the programs convert data to a certain level, and leave it to you to spend weeks trying to backfill the data to the form you once had it.

    Well, I have to compliment Quicken. They converted everything to a high degree of accuracy and completeness. I was very pleasantly surprised. My 50 megabyte Money file converted to Quicken in about 1 minute, and virtually everything was there. I only found two things different: 1. The reports had to be reworked; 2. Money "classifications" were converted to Quicken Tags. I used the find and replace to change the new "tags" to Quicken "subcategories". It all worked well. It took a couple of hours of hunting around the program to figure out the nuances of Quicken.

    It works well, and is as easy to use as Money. Needless to say I'm relieved the conversion was this easy as I used Money (and now Quicken) for all my business bookeeping. One last thing; the Tax planner in Quicken is far more sophisticated than the one in Money.

    Update: January 9, 2011 - So far I've found Quicken works well. One feature from Money which is missing in Quicken is the ability to auto-complete words in context. In other words, if you type Adjustment in one account and use a memo that says "Estimated Tax", Quicken will auto insert that that in whichever account you type Adjustment. Money was a bit smarter in this regard. It would remember that that memo "estimated Tax" was only intended to be autocompleted in that account. Yet it would also remember that in another account if you typed "Adjustment" with memo field saying "Ipad App", that when you typed Adjustment, it would insert "Ipad App" and not the "Estimated Tax" used in the first account. Quicken could learn from a few of the Microsoft Money tricks.
  • Cindy & Jamie "anglophiliacs" - To be fair, it's supposed to stopPlease, look past the floridly negative reviews and let me make a case for the Pedi Spin. Simply, it's not designed to go after calluses like a random-orbit sander with a 20 grit disk. It does take some time to wear calluses especially established ones down, but that's good for diabetics like me with pedal neuropathy who don't need to grind ulcers into our feet. It takes a little practice and patience, but I still get better results with the Pedi Spin than I ever got with manual rasps. Even my podiatrist has admitted being impressed with the results.

    Here are some tricks I've found that give me the best results:

    1) I use the Pedi Spin after showering or bathing in fairly warm water, when calluses are at their softest.
    2) I rest the palm of the hand holding the Pedi Spin on my foot. This allows the thumb and fingers holding the Pedi Spin to apply even, steady pressure and reduce the number of times the head comes to a stop.
    3) I've had the best luck using the center of the disk (as opposed to the periphery) for maintaining constant friction. I'm getting so I can use the outer portion of the disk which moves with greater velocity relative to my foot, but it requires a very delicate touch indeed.
    4) I use Revitaderm 40, a urea-based cream on my callus areas every time I wash my feet and put on fresh socks. It softens calluses and makes them easier to work off. I get it from my podiatrist, but amazon sells it as well.

    The Pedi Spin has its faults; I give it four stars instead of five because I've been unable to find replacement heads. However it certainly deserves more respect than it's gotten in these reviews.

    UPDATE: I have boosted the rating to five stars because I found a source for the replacement heads. They're $9.99 for a full set, and you can get them from Idea Village at 1-877-642-6881.

    UPDATE (10/22/13): Got the replacement heads, two more abrasive heads and more sanding discs (the latter of which I don't use). I also got a high-pressure sales call 2-3 days after I placed my order for some kind of discount card, for which I would be billed automatically every month after the $1.00, 14-day trial. The phone call was recorded, and clearly the saleswoman was trying to get me to say yes on tape. I repeatedly refused her, and eventually had to hang up on her; left a bad taste in my mouth. My dear old dad was hustled in a very similar way for dozens of magazine subscriptions he couldn't use.