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  • Alex Chachanashvili - Trifecta Of AwesomenessDo not, I repeat, DO NOT handle this cable without wearing the "3 Wolf Moon Shirt" one size smaller than what you normally wear (to allow it to mold to your awesome form). Once you have the cable in hand, fashion it into a neck chain and allow the "Denon Ethernet Neck-Cable" to properly amplify the awesomeness of the shirt, the cable should be just the right size and if correctly used it will make it look like the Neck-Cable is holding up the moon which the wolves crave. Once you have this delicate balance in place, have a glass of Tuscan Whole Milk. You now have the irresistible "Aura Of Awesomeness"TM that will last for at least 3 hours.

    Once under the "Aura Of Awesomeness"TM you may experience that women in pickups are strangely drawn to you, you will get "secret" discounts if shopping at Wal-Mart and you will be given free admission and VIP to any local monster truck rally; best of all you will now understand why you need the book about living with a huge ... it will all make sense.

    Use responsibly!
  • Gina - I really love it.This tablet is everything that I wanted in a tablet. It is quick, picture is really crisp and it is easy to operate... One of the best "Mother's Day" present I have received....
  • RumbleDoll - Great TributeI have been reading it for 3 weeks weeks now, and it's a great book. I believe Taraborrelli, since he has known Michael and the Jackson family and friends, and done many interviews over the years. I believe he takes the liberty to embellish a bit, but that's ok, makes a good read. He cares very much for Michael, and I believe this much is true. He is not trying to trash him, I respect him for that. I am not picking the book apart, and I am not on a massive quest to find the truth. I just take the book for what it is, a very real, touching story about Michael Jacksons' life, very well written and from the heart. Michael was very secretive, and to get the truth from him was sometimes difficult if not impossible. So we will never know the whole truth about him.