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  • David Wallace - An Amazing experience

    I cannot find enough adjectives to describe my experience with this book. I have been writing the morning pages for three weeks and have had an amazing experience. After not writing anything for a year and a half, I have been freed to write several songs and begin a book. The exercises have taken me on both a spiritual and psychological journey. Truly life changing.

  • Dorothy A. - Works great!!

    I had some annoying skin tags on my neck and shoulder. This stuff is a miracle drug I was waiting for it took them right off!! So happy because I felt embarrassed by them!! Loved it!

  • Greg Smith - The best way to fight virus'

    Loved the simplicity of this program. It took very little time to download and install, stays up to date all the time, and uses little to none resources when scanning or just running in the background. I am spoiled forever and can't see going back to traditional antivirus software that slows down my system and is constantly downloading updates! Why didn't someone think of this long before! Webroot rocks!

  • Lance B. Hillsinger - Deserves 4.8 stars

    Comedy is all about timing, but as people read at different speeds, books by comedians often fall short. Billy Crystal’s “Still Foolin’ ‘Em is an exception. While “Still Foolin’ ‘Em is autobiographical, almost every page contains an original humorous line or two.

    This reviewer has also reviewed Stephen’s Colbert, American Again and Bill Maher’s, the New New Rules. Colbert and Maher are both funny like Billy Crystal, but Crystal’s book is much better. Still Foolin’ ‘Em is funny, and when not funny, still very interesting and deserves 4.8 stars. (Crystal loses .2 stars for a somewhat preachy chapter on how to be a grandparent). Colbert and Maher’s books both received just two stars. So, in mathematical terms, Crystal is more than twice as funny as Colbert and Maher together.

    Especially for your friends or family that are or “grandparent age” Still Follin’ ‘Em would make an excellent Christmas gift or, as Crystal’s Jewish heritage is part of the storyline, a wonderful Hanukah present for your Jewish friends. It is a must buy for friends and family who are Jewish and of “grandparent age.”

  • ADAM S KORBAS - This pen makes me Glow!

    What the gentler side of our world has been waiting for. Why, oh why did it take so long for this product to be brought to market. A pen specifically designed for us who build nests, not hunt and gather. It feels so good in my fingers. My lady parts swell with excitement each and every time I pick this pen up. I even pick it up when I don't have anything to write. Girls, time to step up to the plate and get what we've always needed. This pen!