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  • Jim in Arizona - Exceeds expectationsThis is a great product. We've been using it for about 2 weeks. I'd pre-ordered the item (64GB version) based on earlier reviews, but started to get cold feet when some of the reviews downplaying the GPS and WiFi issues came out. Since I received this unit, we have been using it non stop. I don't notice any difference between the ability to connect using wifi between this unit and a couple of laptops that I have. They all seem to have about the same range radius from my hub. I've had no need to try the GPS, so I'm chalking that one up to a non issue for me. For the types of things we do (social medial, net flix, entertainment, Internet surfing, school work, job work, ........) its just a monster. The display is very bright with great contrast. The speed of the applications that we use are phenomonal. For our needs and the applications we use, it seems faster than the 3-Ghz dual core Windows machines that we have at home (5 of those things). Yes, its really an apples to oranges comparison, but I'm still impressed with the speed. I still use the Windows machines for word processing and creating presentations, but that has more to do with the physical set up I have (dual monitors and lots of desk space to spread stuff out onto), than processing differences in the machines. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.
  • Gary B. White, M.D. - A Serious Diet for a Serious DiseaseThis is a serious book meant for those who suffer with serious disease and meant to be followed precisely. The book dictates a meticulous diet which in my experience produces good results among those who follow it faithfully. Those who merely thumb through, give it a glance, and fail to follow its instruction will invariably fail, while those who read it, study and follow it closely have a better than good chance of improving their condition. Of course it must be used in conjunction with good medical advice, proper medication and aggressive follow up by a trained physician.
  • Thoughful Consumer - Great Machine!I use this everyday! It makes awesome smoothies. I saw the Nutri Bullet on one of those infomercials while I was at the gym. Of course, I was skeptical. However, I read the reviews on Amazon and I watched a number of videos on Youtube. It seemed like a good product, so I bought it. I love it. It's quick and easy to use. The clean up takes literally 10-15 seconds. Just rinse the cup and the blades and you're done. I had one of those juicers that you have to scrub the filter and clean everything for 10-15 minutes. I used it once. In fact, it's sitting in my storage room having only been used once. Will this pulverize everything to a fine mist? No. But it is a very smooth consistency and I use various combinations of kale, oranges, carrots, apples, bananas, pineapple, mangoes and ground flaxseed. It's a good buy.