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  • Jonathan Maren Everhart "Electric Apricot" - Calm down and stop complainingBasically, I think this game is a 4-4.5 rating, I gave it a 5 because of all the incessant complaining that's going on here. It is a load of crap that you can only install the game 3 times before having to call in, but come on. The overall rating for this game is 1 star, and if anyone sits and asks themselves seriously, it's much better than that. This game is incredible on many levels and everyone on here is complaining and stomping their feet because they don't want to have to deal with the DRM. I personally HATE DRM but give the game some credit...
  • William C. Pflaum "Bill Plum" - Excellent informationIt is refreshing to know that there are doctors and researchers that tell the truth about the history of things used for decades that cure so many maladies afflicting the populations of the world. This book opens the door to the possibility of cures for all diseases. Not only that, it provides the use and dosage of H2O2 for those that want to use this therapy to rid themselves of all diseases. Of course there is the usual disclaimer to protect the author from practicing medicine without a license. That does not nullify the benefit of using what is mentioned in the book.
  • P. C. Elliot - I am not a religious person...BUT:I don't normally review books because they are more subjective than an article you may buy. That said: I am a Christian that doesn't practice, nor do I go to church. I saw this book on a TV interview and something struck me that I had to read it. I found it very profound and enlightening. I am sure there are people who won't like it, but the BACKGROUND to the Christian religion is absolutely fascinating and because there isn't much real information on the actual life of Jesus, this book approaches his life story by the history of the actual times he lived. I found it a little confusing at times and having a map of the region of the time would have been really helpful. I will probably read this again, and will make a chart of the people and places while I do it so I can keep the timeline straight. I would definitely recommend!
  • Mang Wong - Good review sourceI am on my 2nd year of medical school and I don't recommend anyone reading this book until 1-2 months before you take the step. This should not be treated as a text book but as a review book. You should learn everything before reading this. Also another tip is, you should have already or are close to doing at least 6000 questions before going over your review materials. Good luck.