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  • WonderWoman "Catmom" - If you want the REAL 'dope' on drugs...After Google started, I got rid of my old PDR and trusted that I could find whatever I needed online. NOT true, at least not completely - I have serious allergic reactions to lots of things and drugs, and so often I would look up the drug, get the manufacturer's website or something similar, and the list of adverse reactions would be shortened and end with '....other reactions may occur that you should report to ....", or something along that order. I finally got disgusted and ordered this book - it's pricey, it's large, and it is COMPLETE. Maybe not for drugs that are not yet on the market, but for most of what is being prescribed now, you can't go wrong. It is written for doctors, so you have to be willing to look up some definitions sometimes, but for adverse reactions/side effects/uses of drugs, you can't beat it. I won't be without one again.
  • Kelsey - Great strollerI purchased this stroller several months ago, and it has been the best baby product purchase thus far. In fact, my sister went and bought the same stroller; she now has her sister-in-law ready to purchase it as well. It has replaced my Babytrend jogger stroller except when I actually go out and run as I wouldn't recommend jogging with the B-Agile.

    Here's why I love this stroller:
    It is really a breeze to fold up and lift-while carrying a baby!
    I love that I can easily push the stroller with one hand and turn the stroller with one hand.
    I take really long strides and never kick the curved bar between the back wheels.
    This stroller spent a week in Florida, and could withstand the beach for long walks.
    It folds up nicely and fits easily into my closet and car.
    It is easily adjustable; it fits newborns to children 55lbs. You can increase/decrease the incline in seconds.
    There is ample storage under the stroller and in the attached pouch.
    The umbrella is HUGE!
    It is comfortable for my baby.

    I haven't used many strollers, but everyone who has plenty of stroller practice agrees that this is the best stroller they have used.
  • Carol Erickson - Nutri BulletAbsolutely love the product, but feel I got ripped off by Amazon Prime, as their price was way above the going price at Walmart and other places. I know it was my fault for not looking into the prices better, but I had come to believe I would get he best deals from Amazon and didn't have to bother with a lot of research.