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  • D. P. Taylor - After a call to Seagate Support, I'm very happy!I thought this would be a great way to backup my work MacBook Pro when home; I use an Apple Time Capsule at the office.

    Okay, I read the reviews and thought it wouldn't be any problem to simply plug the Seagate Backup Plus into my Mac and I'd be good to go. Not so! I got a message that my Mac Time Machine could not access the disk because it was not in some kind of "journaled" format. Huh??? I promptly called Seagate Support and told the tech the message, and that I run Parallels also but was only interested in backing up the Mac side--which he said was a good thing because Parallels can be an issue. He then walked me thru the steps to reformat the Seagate Backup, I chose it from Time Machine and it promptly backed everything up fairly quickly and effortlessly.

    I love the quietness, the portability, and the ease with which this works. I only backed up 58GB so I've got a lot of room to spare. No issues at all--and Seagate Support is wonderful!
  • E Ann Purvis - Like the ease and taste of the shakes.I purchased this on a recommendation from a relative. I exercise on a regular basis but since losing my mom have been put on blood pressure meds, and other meds that I don't like taking. I drink 1 to 2 shakes a day and know I have lost some weight but not sure how much. I never weight, I go by how my clothes fit. I do feel better since drinking the shakes and I think it has boosted my metabolism some. I mix mine with Silk Almond milk, low calorie orange juice, and low calorie cranberry juices, add a little crushed ice and it is very tasty. I teach school and lunch choices are yucky or boring so I take my shake and get a fruit and that's my meal. The other health benefits is why I chose to try this but dropping a few pounds helps too. Hopefully when I return to the doctor in 6 months, I will get a good report!
  • D. R. Thayer "heavenly_UU" - Resonant, but stubbornly equivocalIn Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz., we see that Grade A, Vitamin D Milk has achieved a nostalgic harmony, resonant and elegant, that nourishes all portions of one's soul in a Proustian sense, encompassing the times of youth and of age, the finite and the infinite, the stubborn cow and the flying cow. That after-school glass of milk, and on some shining days of my memory, a brownie. Milk, tragic and timeless, sublimely vague.

    There now. I've given it five stars and compared it to Proust. Where's my five bucks?