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  • Max Price "Max" - Meg, You have done it now!Meg Frost is the creator of CO. Now, she has taken the elctronic version of her website and made it into a printed version that can be spread throughout offices, homes, tents, trailers, RV's, cafe's, veterinary clinics, stores and anywhere else - ALL OVER THE WORLD. The future is ours - we have the menas to overtake the world with CUTENESS. This calendar will rock your world and you have to 'coo' and 'aww' when you see these pictures, not to mention laugh your rearend off when you read the captions that go with it. Peeps, for only 4 cents a day, you too can live the CO lifestyle. Buy one for every 'difficult' person you have to deal with and share the love. This item is guaranteed to soften them up. Congratulations Meg! Thank you for blessing all of us with the CO lifestyle. (No, we are not a cult....or are we?) LOL
  • Rita Reader "Lea" - One awesome pad for your little one to get started on!I got this for my little Grandbaby of my heart. He loves it! His brother just got an Iphone so now this kind of evens things out. He is crazy about Monsters Inc and the University, so he is very happy with all of the Disney aspects of it. The great things are that he can personalize it and it comes with a card where he can download some games. Now, his Mom did mention she wished the eBooks were not so expensive as the hardback book, and with children's books especially you can see her point, but that was her only beef. That is a whole other story as many publishers are learning hopefully that is not the way to go. The cost of the books was the only reason this did not get a five star in that area too. This is very educational and for once Mom does feel like he is at least learning something when he uses it. And anytime you can sneak learning in on kids the fun way, everybody wins. The cover makes it very durable and not vulnerable to breakage which, lets face it comes part and partial to nine year old boys. I would highly recommend this Leapad2 to any parent. Tech stuff is here to stay and this is an ideal beginner tablet for little ones.
  • K. Herbrand - How would you feel if you lost 6 months of your life?Shauna awoke after being in a coma for six weeks to a nightmare that she would like to forget. She had no idea why or how she ended up in the hospital. Actually, she couldn't remember the last 6 months. She knew who she was, who her brother Rudy was, her dad Landan, "Uncle" Trent, even her evil stepmother Patrice. However, she did not know Wayne Spade, the guy who claimed to be her boyfriend. How could she have forgotten him?

    After Shauna is released from the hospital, Wayne offers to stay with her 24/7 to help her recuperate. He works for her Uncle Trent at her father's company, McAllister MediVista, so there isn't a problem with him getting some time off. She discovers that her brother Rudy is brain-damaged due to the accident that put her in the coma. The accident that they say she caused. She had been indicted while in the coma because they had found Ecstacy in her system, and in her car, and in her apartment. She couldn't EVER remember taking drugs in her life. How could this be happening to her?

    Rudy had been her father's favorite ever since he had married Patrice. She had been left for Patrice to raise and Patrice was every bit the wicked stepmother - even burning Shauna with an iron. But did her father believe her? No. He believed Patrice when she told him that Shauna just wanted to be the center of attention. This drove a wedge between Shauna and her dad, which is why she now calls him Landon.

    Soon, Shauna starts remembering things - but they don't seem to be her memories. Why is she remembering things that couldn't possibly have happened to her? And can she really trust Wayne or is he trying to kill her?

    The underlying theme in Kiss is that God will always love you and you don't need to fear. (Shauna keeps remembering her deceased mom telling her this.) What Shauna wants more than anything is for Landon to feel this way about her. We also get to see some family and romantic relationships develop and some family and romantic relationships fall apart. You will have to read to find out whose!
  • Judith E Cardoso - Second HelpingsWho doesn't love them, right? Mike Halperin and John Heilemann weave such an irresistible tale that even with the outcome known, I found myself turning pages as quickly as possible, even taking a peek at the end, to satisfy my query, "What next, guys?" I guess I'm one of those Morning Joe Democrats (never knew there was such a beast) and politics and the machinations thereof are like manna to me, so having the opportunity to ride shotgun during a presidential campaign is beyond delightful. The characters, most especially the political consultants, are as sharply drawn as those in a best selling novel. The pacing induces nail biting. But what surprises the most is that while there is a game afoot, the writers never let the reader forget that there are real stakes on the line. Bravo.
  • L. Tomk "Shopping Fool" - Great for photo slideshows and moviesI checked out the reviews on programs for creating movies and photo slide shows and bought another (MagicX) before this one. After struggling with MagicX for a month I threw in the towel and went back to Roxio. Roxio Creator 2011 does it all. It gives an option for adding your own music and makes slideshows so easy. I love this program and highly recommend it. A little pricey but well worth every penny. Many options for creating many things, love it!