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  • FatChickDancing - Smooth, efficient, silent, and hassle-freeThey're not kidding when they say this program works behind the scenes. My previous anti-virus company's program was uncanny at interrupting me in the middle of composing an important document, to advise me that an update was available and would I like to download it NOW. And if I agreed, it seemed like it took forever to do so.
    It reminded me of a dog that's always anxious for a walk. The anti-virus package before that was even more annoying, but in a more neurotic way, like, "Are you SURE you want to open that file?" Yes. "Really? Are you truly certain of its source?" It went like that.

    Now, the Kaspersky is really smooth by comparison. There's an icon down in the task bar, and whenever I go there to check, it not only reassures me that I'm fully protected, it also tells me exactly when it last checked and updated itself - without bothering me about it. It's like having a fine executive administrative assistant to handle the service details combined with an undercover agent to discover and eradicate the bad guys.
  • Kitty Corona "NYCMaven" - BIC for MEI don't get all the controversy. As a woman, I only buy things that are pink, which is why I have a strict diet of pink cupcakes, Strawberry Quik and Day After Valentine's Day drugstore candy (I stock up). And I only "write" with the pink BIC For Her. Or should I say, BIC For Me?

    (If anyone wants the extraneously colored pens in the pack, let me know. But why would you? They're not pink. Shouldn't BIC know better?)
  • K. S. Marchetto "Kate" - Excellent poet, excellent poemsLouise Gluck continues to stand out as one of the first among contemporary poets. This collection showcases the prodigious results of her equally impressive talent. Her work and her influence span decades.

    My only hesitation about it is as to the advisability of publishing a complete or a collected works of a writer still living. If Ms. Gluck publishes any other books in her lifetime, this collection will become obsolete. For now, however, it's a beautiful artifact.
  • Randall G. Sublett - Worked great out-of-the-boxI installed this on a relatively new Toshiba lapton running Windows 7 and everything went very smooth; I was running Quicken 2009 and the conversion was almost instant and the data files were converted quickly and accurately. I installed the mobile app on both my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and the sync was very fast and continues to be as I switch between devices. I almost did not install the 2013 version because of all the negative breviews, but I'm very glad I continued to trust Quicken as I have for over 15 years. Being able to gain remote access to my data has been a dream for several years and now I can! Thanks Quicken.

    My only negative is that the mobile interface is different than the laptop interface and taken some getting used to and is more difficult to use, but this is a huge step in the right direction.
  • Rita Marendic "ladymay" - This book is a real Eye Opener.I got so much out of this book. Saw things I've never seen before
    about the rapture. I was always a pre-tribber but now I'm a mid
    tribber. There is a whole new perspective after reading the book,
    you can't argue with the truth and that's what this book does lights
    up the truth in the scriptures. Great reading for anyone who wants
    to know more about the rapture.