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  • JM "JM" - Take this book to your physical therapist..I have been a physical therapist for over 30 years, 25 of them in private practice. During my years of practicing, I have not only observed PT continuing education, but many other modalities from Bikram yoga, classical ballet, floor barre, T-tapp, gait training, strength training, Paleo techniques, Tai Chi, Rolfing and have incorporated all of the bits and pieces into my own practice as I added to my knowledge base. I found that I had been doing many of the standing, sitting and walking and bending suggestions in this book without ever knowing this method existed. When I finally read the book and took the class, I realized that it was a wonderful program that combined so much of what I believed in one place. I heartily recommend it and suggest you take a class if you can to really get the benefit of the hands-on education.
  • Sam Smith - Great tablet!I've had this tablet now for about a month and so far it has met my every expectation. The screen is neither too small that you can't read some websites or pdf's (like B&N's Nook at times) nor too big that the unit is cumbersome to hold. In fact, I was astonished at how thin the tablet it. The resolution of the screen is very impressive and colors are displayed vibrantly.

    I've seen several complaints on here about the WiFi not being very reliable. Personally, I haven't seen this to be a major problem. I will admit there have been some spots where my laptop could reach a weak signal where the Transformer would not reach it. As long as you're in a place where there is anything more than a very weak signal, the Transformer has connected reliably and with decent speeds.

    Last week the tablet automatically updated to Android's new operating system (4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwhich). While I'm not usually one to fix something that isn't broken (HoneyComb seemed to work just fine), I have noticed a big difference particularly in speed. Websites, programs, videos and apps load much faster in the new operating system.

    Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional tablet.
  • Dap81 - Love this carseatWe purchased two of these seats. One for my Mazda CX9 and one for my husbands BMW535i. It fits in both vehicles easily, rear facing and both vehicles can put the passenger seats almost all the way back. Installation is not hard if you read the directions. Also make sure to adjust shoulder and center straps before installing. We bought the first seat when my son was 10 or 11 mo and the second one when he was 17mo. He has plenty of room and actually rarely fusses in this seat. Also often falls asleep in it it is well cushioned and is very sturdy. I researched a ton before choosing a seat and have been very happy with this one. The straps are not hard to adjust or loosen. My only complaint is the soft pad that goes on the bottom buckle. It always falls off and tends to be more of a nuisance than a benefit. So we do not use it. The is a great seat and Amazon seems to have it at the most competitive price. With free shipping the seats were at our house within the week. Would definitely recommend.
  • Claire Mittermiller - Wonderful!I recently decided to adopt a dog from a local rescue shelter, and heard from the people working at the shelter that it was common for foster dogs to try to run away from their new homes once adopted. Well, Mikey was no exception. After three hours spent searching for Mikey around the neighborhood, I decided that I did not have the time or patience to do that again. That was when I did some research and found Tagg. This product has been a life (and time)-saver! When Mikey leaves our house I receive a text message letting me know that he has left the tagg zone. I can then use the app to get directions to his exact location. It couldn't work better! I don't know why so people complain about the battery life, I have had mine for 3 weeks and still haven't gotten the low battery notification (which by the way is an extremely convenient feature). I now have the peace of mind knowing that if Mikey ever escapes I can find him right away.
  • Alyssa Brennan - "Tired of playing the game?"I'm sure a lot of people are tired of playing the dating game, whether they realize it or not. I think most of the dating that is done is due to either peer pressure, it being the cultural norm, or feelings of wanting love or to feel accepted. Harris challenges people not to waste their time and money pursuing romance that will not end up being a lasting relationship. And some people think that's okay. "Now I know what not to do." Or "Now I know what kind of person not to date."

    Aren't you tired of just taking people out for test drives?

    It's taken me a long time to write this review. I've always had mixed feelings about dating, and this book added to those thoughts swirling in my brain. In a good way. I'm really glad I read this book. Besides being about dating, it also talks about friend relationships.

    I Kissed Dating Goodbye doesn't have the answers to everything. But it's a great starting point for when you're tired of the game and want a change to the cycle.

    I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.