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  • Zonie - Norton does it allI have used Norton 360 for several years and although there have been some minor problems here and there, the support is excellent (chat or phone) when you need help. That said, the 99% of the time experience is great and I like that this is one product that does everything you need to keep your computer maintained, including backups. The Identity safe feature gives you quick access to websites you log in to and automatically logs you in. It also stores Identity cards so you can autofill most online forms with name address, phone etc. Tune up takes care of keeping your machine from bogging down. I believe it keeps the registry clean, does defragging, and other maintenance. Overall Norton does all these things in the background and is unobtrusive.
  • Deborah - Helpful for serious IBD sufferersWhen your gastroenterologist calls you a "complicated case," it's not good news. After experiencing bouts of diarrhea for years, with the last one extending into nine months, I was desperate. My doctors were unable to resolve my issues. That's when I turned to searching the Internet for support groups or anything that would help me. As a librarian, I am cautious regarding many of the claims made on Internet sites. Ms. Gottschall's master's degree in nutrition from Rutgers and the information I found online regarding the Specific Carbohydrate Diet reassured me and made sense. I had experienced a brief remission of symptoms while on a gluten free diet. Eventually my symptoms returned, but I recalled wonderful days free of pain, bloating and diarrhea.

    This book Breaking the Vicious Cycleclearly provides direction on resolving intestinal issues and I now understand why the gluten free diet worked for while and then didn't. By following the diet in the book, I have experienced tremendous relief from my symptoms--no diarrhea, no pain, no bloating--and my energy has returned. This diet is NOT easy to follow. Only those motivated by extreme pain, bloating and diarrhea will be able to stick to it for two months or longer. While I am not at the two month period, it is a comfort to learn that sometimes individuals may be able to return to a more standard diet after this time by gradually adding cherished foods. Directions to begin reintroducing these foods are included in the book as well as recipes for staying on the diet.