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  • C. Cooper - Over 6 months later, and excellent for my purpose!I was not even concerned about having to shave my legs or underarms . . . or even the bikini line. I have - had - dark hair on my arms. It wasn't quite man-like, but it was enough to make me self-conscious. I had been using waxing strips for over 15 years. They worked, but I had to do the process about every 2 weeks to keep up with the new growth. It was messy and painful and time-consuming. I don't have any kind of hormonal problem, this was just a "gift" from my parents. I have an olive complexion, tan easily, and my hair was not thick but very dark.

    As for the Remington - I have used this product 3 times in the past 6 months, the most recently about 2 months ago, and there is still almost no hair on my arms. There is some peach fuzz, just enough to look like "normal" female arms, but I have had no regrowth of the thick dark hair since my first usage.

    With some trepidation I have also used the Remington on my face. I had some dark peach fuzz on my upper lip, nothing too troublesome, and that kind of "extended hairline" along my jawline and cheeks. I have used the Remington 2 times in the past six months, most recently about 3 months ago - and again I am still pretty much hair free.

    Yes, there is some pain, but nothing compared to feeling so self-conscious and embarrassed! Waxing is also painful, and I had to do that every 2 weeks or so. Using the Remington feels like a snapping rubber band. But once done, I have not had to repeat for over a month - and each time I repeat the results are better and last longer.

    So I can't speak to being worried about shaving my legs or underarms or bikini area. That has always seemed like nothing compared to my self-consciousness about my hairy arms and face!

    I am 56 years old, so you can imagine my delight at finding something that works so well after so many years of embarrassment and self-consciousness! I have had no problems with the unit working properly, but I did have to change out the laser thingy after my last use. That doesn't seem uncalled for, given the fact that I had done both arms 3 times and my face 2 times. It was easy to order, arrived quickly, and was a snap to change out.

    I absolutely recommend this product for ease of usage and the results. If you don't have any kind of hormonal problem, have dark hair, and are looking for a solution for the type of problem I had - then this is what you have been looking for.
  • Manjari - Worked on the first month after a year of tryingThis the second time herbs have helped me get pregnant. The first time, we tried unsuccessfully for almost two years before taking herbs (my husband and I both took them). That formula we took was similar to this Fertilaid formula. Within two months I was pregnant, and our little girl is now two.

    This time, after trying for almost a year, we tried Fertilaid for both men and women (the other brand doesn't seem to be distributed anymore). Within the first month of taking them (we didn't even finish our first bottle each), I got pregnant! Boy, was I surprised after seeing so many negatives previously.

    I am not good at remembering to take pills while I'm out and about, so I always took three at once, instead of the recommended three times a day. What can I say, I guess it still worked!
  • Sherry York - Against all oddsThis is wonderfully written book about a horrible crime against a beautiful young girl. Elizabeth is a very strong girl and now young woman to survive her ordeal with two crazy, sick people. She tells her story with great detail. How she was able to survive without dying emotionally and physically is a miracle and her faith and love of her family was able to get her through the horror of what was happening to her.

    I could not put this book down and you will not be able to either.

    Thank you Elizabeth for telling your story. We all prayed for you. You have a wonderful life ahead of you. Enjoy every minute of it!
  • Jeff Lippincott "JLIPPIN" - Easy to use somewhat powerful paint program that will help turn you into a pretty good digital artist if u are not already oneI loved this product. It's a paint/photo program, not a drawing program. Adobe Photoshop (AP) is a paint/photo program; Adobe Illustrator (AI) is a drawing program. AP creates bitmap files, and AI create vector files. Bitmap files are images made up of little dots. Whereas vector files are mathematical formulas that are easily scaleable. The native files for Sketchbook are stored in layered TIF format, but they can be exported in many different bitmap file formats: gif, jpeg, and PSD.

    I have used quite a number of different kinds of computer applications over the years: wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentations, database, email, WYSIWYG Web page designers, paint/photo, and drawing. Of all these different types of computer programs I have had the most difficulty learning to use well the paint/photo kind. This is probably because I am not really an artist - at least not one adept at creating visual pictures using my hands. I am much better at taking photos with a digital camera and tweeking them using Adobe Photoshop. I have always found AP to be a tough cookie when it comes to creating original artwork from scratch.

    Sketchbook Pro makes it much easier for me to create original artwork from scratch. It is designed to be used with a digital pen tablet. The intuitive user interface is slick and pleasing to eye, and you will be up and running in no time using pencils, brushes, layering, and pan/zoom features. This product is going to make it easy for you to "sketch" out a rough draft of the artwork you want to create. It will not create a masterpiece probably, but you can certainly move your file into AP and tweek your art to your heart's content.

    This product was easy for me to install, and it has never appeared sluggish to me when using it. I suppose the only problem I had with the product is its name. I think of the word "sketch" as being a drawing. Thus at first I thought this was a drawing program. So don't be confused by the name. What you will get with this product is an easy to use somewhat powerful paint/photo program that will help turn you into a pretty good digital artist if you are not already one. And if you are already expert I suspect you will thoroughly enjoy this product to create the early-goings of a paint file you will fine tune in AP. 5 stars!
  • Doreen "Gigi" - Smooth Texture, anyone?This product brightened my face after 7-8 days of use. I noticed that my acne scars began fading fast, but one thing I'm really impressed about is how this product smoothes the pores, giving skin a very refined, polished feel and look. It works perfectly under my Bare Minerals foundation.
    Beware to NOT mix this product with another moisturizer: you will see small white dots all over your fingers and face. I do, however, mix it with Aveda's Balancing Infusion Oil for dry skin when I apply it, and it works its magic without getting clumped.