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  • JRoberts06 - Replcaed my Chicco Liteway with this- AMAZING UMBRELLAThis blows my Chicco Liteway out of the water. It steers easier (can easily do turns with one hand). The umbrella was the reason I bought it, it is ten times better than a Liteway umbrella. It folds up so easily, takes up very little space, I'm in love.

    Cons- Only solid black or solid red to choose from.
    The bar handle requires the purchase of a mommy hook to hook your bags, whlie the stroller with two handles allows you to load them up with shopping bags without purchasing hooks. I do miss that.

    You have to buy the storage attachment for a cup holder which is annoying since my last stroller had a cup holder standard.
  • Cocobutterflame - works and price is exellentPurchased this for my tablet and it has worked fine since being mounted. overall its perfect for its purpose. satisfied.
  • trzahnta - A Life Changer! Got my life back13+ years of intermittent back pain escalated to constant back pain unable to sneeze or turn over in bed, all corrected by employing techniques in this book. I HIGHLY recommend this book. The 8 steps are incorporated into what you do, all day every day, so you need not have to fit these 8 steps into what you are already doing. You will just learn to do what you do everyday, THE RIGHT WAY. Benefits were immediate and are also self fulfilling. If I am not incorporating the steps in this book I am in pain so makes it quite easy to follow. This has been a life changer. It has been about 3 weeks since my book arrived and things just keep getting better. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot
  • M. Tener - Wow - it worksI was really skeptical of these glasses because of the low price point and off name brand but I figured that I've wasted this kind of money on less fruitful purchases and other 3D glasses are stupidly expensive, why not give this a shot?

    After charging the glasses for 3 hours setting them up took all turning them on and holding the "seek" button down for 5 seconds. I was worried that this was going to be a complicated process but it was mindbogglingly simple.

    I popped on a free HBO OD 3D movie to test out and I am pretty impressed. My girlfriend said "wow this is so crazy, get me a pair too" so that's why I'm here leaving this review because I'm buying another pair.

    I'm using them with a Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST30.
  • Fletcher "FEK" - Less Expensive Than TherapyI have lived the last 40 years under the dark cloud of inevitability of meeting my demise, as we all do, under the prow of a huge ship. Why it had never occurred to me, in all that time spent aimlessly drifting around the Chesapeake Bay, that is was even possible to avoid, I shall never know and forever regret. But not only does the title of the book hint that it is possible (after all, why would the good Captain tease us with "How to.." in his title if it weren't?!), but the pages INSIDE of the book go even further into explaining HOW-- not in a general way (like in "Huge Ship Avoidance: A Theory") or philosophical way (like in "Bow Above, Fate Below") , but straight-up, nuts-and-bolts HOW in given real-world scenarios (e.g., "On a boat", "In an innertube", "Riding a dolphin", "In a seaplane", "On a very low bridge", etc.). Some of the ideas presented are forehead-slappingly obvious ONCE revealed to us: "stay away from water" was one that I had to read a few times because the first time I read it, I was like "Huh?" and some are less-obvious but reveal the author as an out-of-the box thinker, e.g.: "be a lighthouse". I won't spoil the rest-- Cap'n has earned the dubloons.