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  • Patriot of All Trades - If you can see what is happening today then you know this book is true.

    As this book was written in 2004 and five years later the Obama team with the far left in places in our high government, their is no reason to doubt the agenda at hand. Bailouts from everything, forced healthcare, forced cap and trade and stimulus packages to no effect for the private sector, the left installs Un-American and unconstitutional practices that would make the forefathers cringe. Yes, Bush done things like that but Obama is the King of Betrayers to back stab America. Ann's book is short and to the point so you'll see back then and now come to play greater. Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto from Mark Levin is a very excellent book of the mindset of Obama's crazy administration.

  • Mike K - The JJ Abrams Look...

    I got these frames in black and I'm definitely rocking the JJ.

    They are great looking frames. Classy and classic. If your one to look "neat" (i.e. clean cut hair, facial hair) these are great frames that accentuate the clean lines. The darker your hair, the better these will look on you. I have dark brown hair but can see that if I had darker hair, it would make the glasses pop just a bit more.

    Not to mention, all the rip-off drug store/gas station sunglasses are based on this design. Right down to the 2 little chrome diamonds on the corners. So you'll know and can show that you have the real deal Ray Bans.