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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: H7W Laval, Quebec

  • Seshafi - I can finally sit back and enjoy my coffee

    My lil munchkin looooves this thing. Yes the toys are a bit harder but you can swap them for softer in the beginning. My daughter is a little over 2 months old and spends any were from 20 mins to an hour on this toy smiling and giggling at herself kicking away at the key bored.I can finally sit down and drink my coffe while its hot in the morning or let her burn out some late night energy before bed. the mirror is a good size for my little one to see her entire face and there are settings incase its late and your not in the mood for the toy to be so loud. My husband agrees it was a good buy!

  • MizKayne - Works great!

    This product is amazing. I have used many prescription brands and this BY FAR beats them all. I would recommend this product to anyone.