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  • Kindle Customer - I loved it. So touching. So brave. So heartbreaking.Although this isn't the first time I am reading The Hunger Games, I was still kept on my toes and longing for more now that it's over... I love book one and now I'm onto book two to continue the trilogy. I recommend this book to anyone seeking a breathtaking, exciting, intense story for people of all ages. The storyline always keeps you engaged, and it also makes you so thankful for what you have, while making you wish you had the love that Katniss and Peeta share.
    I will always love this book.
  • Gail D Jacobs - Love the Ipad MiniI have a 7 inch android tablet that I really like, but had heard so much about the Ipad that I just wanted to give it a try. I chose the mini for the price and the size, and I have been extremely happy with it. The slightly larger screen adds a little more viewing area without making the tablet too big to go in my purse, and I have found that a couple of the apps I favor seem to run smoother in the Ipad than on the android.
  • Julia Balsover - Life, learned, taught, & understood.The wonderful thing about both of these books, is that there is so much, for everyone, at any age. Whether younger, and just beginning your life, middle aged and uncertain as yet, as to how life stacks up, or in your later years, and can't quite put into words what life has written in your heart as simple but certain truths.
    This book and its predecessor deliver insights to the absolutes of life, that can help anyone and everyone learn, teach, & understand the fundamentals of a life well lived, or worth living . Anyone who reads this, can't possibly come away, without having garnered some greater wisdom that can be applied to your life, taught to another for their's, or just put into words what 70, 80 or 90 years of living teaches us all.....that we can be more,achieve more, and come to understand just a little more, than we are or did just yesterday, or even just a few moments ago.
  • RHC86 - A Must Buy for College High School Senior ParentsAs a parent this is a great book to have. Granted its 3 inches thick. But we were able to find and apply to a number of scholarships which resulted in almost $10K in aid for our college freshman.

    You have to apply to win - but it does work.

    Would I buy these again - Most definitely!
  • B. Williams ""We must be the change we wi... - Hacker Trolls stopped deadA decade ago, I was using Zone Alarm internet security, which used the Kaspersky antivirus platform- I purchased it based on the Kaspersy antivirus reviews, and after a computer at work had been hacked... badly. I never had security issues again, even when I was targeted by a group of internet trolls. When I began reviewing for Amazon Vine a few years back, Kaspersy internet security was offered, so I grabbed it. I've been very happy with Kaspersky internet security, and with each new product, it just keeps getting better. I utilize every function, from antivirus to virtual keyboard. Kaspersky covers you in just about every way... they thought of everything. There are functions to prevent phishing, keyloggers, cookie theft, malware, etc. It's kept all of my systems safe, even when targeted by trolls whose favorite hobby is hacking personal systems. I just upgraded to the 2012 platform, and will continue to stay with Kaspersy as long as they keep turning out quality products that keep me and my systems safe.