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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 85048 Phoenix, Arizona

  • Parasprite - Love the calendar!About what you would expect from a calendar. I am not used to 16 month calendars (in fact this is the first calendar I ever bought!) but the first four months are kinda useless. It displays well starting in January but I can't wait that long. The pictures are colored well and I would certainly buy a 2013 calendar if they make it. Made my desk about 20% cooler.
  • Boda - Windows 8I used it to upgrade Windows 7 home on my Dell Duo 1090. the upgrade went smoothly. For those with the dell duo with problems with the stmicroelectonics driver bundelled with the dell duo, use samsung tablet driver, worked with no problems, downloadable from samsung website.
    It a different Windows look, take time to get used to, but when you set it up and get used to it, its great to work with.
    Kudos Microsoft.
    Samsung Download Page:
  • jpaschen - Love love love thisI love any Wen product that comes out. Love Pomegranate smell the best. Had to try Wen 3 times before I finally got use to the no lather, but once I got passed that I will never go back to lather shampoo again. My hair is so soft with Wen. I have naturally curly hair and it does not frizz. Highly recommend.