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  • Jason Jackson "Jason Jackson" - A convincing argument for morality based on science

    Having just finished this book my head is still swimming with the ideas presented. Sam Harris has written a tour de force on the subject. Bringing his background in philosophy and neuroscience to bear on the subject, Mr. Harris makes a convincing argument that morality can be derived from the use of the scientific method. We can affect a positive life for individuals and society by studying the problem using reason and logic to derive our morality. I won't make Mr. Harris's argument for him here; I will let you read the book and have him make it for you. I will say that he brings a rational approach to the subject, using a grounding in logic to establish that there really is no way of arguing that morality shouldn't be derived with the scientific method, unless we simply don't care about human well-being. I cannot recommend this book enough.

  • Alan Drury - Tab 2

    I was wavering between between a tablet and a laptop, and I decided on the tablet. Its perfect for what I needed. Great deal!!

  • grandma lynn - fancy detail

    I remember that, in the past, radioactive watch hands glowed in the dark, so I licked the tip of a watercolor brush (fine bristled) and dipped it into my uranium powder. I painted on my canvas, licked the tip again, dipped into the uranium powder again, painted again. I did this until my huge canvas had not only reds and oranges and purples and greens, but also fancy strips of glow. After awhile I began to feel dizzy. I sat down. I studied my painting and thought: what a sacrifice - my good health gone! - to come up with an original painting. Oh, how many women in the past who licked and dipped into uranium powder died prematurely or awfully? Maybe a Google search will tell.

    How foolish we humans can be, not remembering to think about cause and effect.

  • Iowa Reader - Very informative

    News junkies may worry that they won't learn anything new from this account, but Balz does an excellent job of revealing the larger lessons of this election:
    1) demographics matter
    2) research and data matter (how else will you know the demographics?)
    3) people matter--"ground" forces are not a small detail you can leave to planning after a convention
    4) debates and conventions still matter, even if they seem quaint and provide more entertainment than enlightenment
    5) there are no "private" comments in a world where every phone is a camera--every gaff will go viral.

  • Erica - Tried them all, this was the BEST

    So, my baby is always congested. I kept buying all sorts of nasal aspirators, and none of them seemed to get the job done. The snotsucker was ok, but it's hard trying to hold your breathe and suck those boogers out. Well, I bought the babyvac (what else did I have to lose, besides $$??). Well, we were in LOVE from the first time we tried it. Lots of mucus came out of my poor babies nose, he was so congested. Now at 7months old, we only use it about once a day, and it's super easy to clean. I HIGHLY recommend. Stop wasting your money on the others. I wish someone would have told me about this sooner.