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  • B. Levine "TheMacGuy" - Does what it needs to doProvides the parts and instructions needed to add a second hard drive to the mini. I added an SSD and it really did improve the speed of the unit. Do note, however, that this upgrade is very difficult as Apple has made it quite difficult to disassemble this item. Specifically, the WiFi and Bluetooth antenna wires are tough to detach without damaging them. Be extremely careful and do not attempt to remove the Bluetooth cable end by spreading the female portion on the motherboard; the "clip" sides will break.
  • Marina Felix "M. Felix" - It is working!Had back pain for many years. Tried the traditional western medicine for it (does not work), acupuncture (works if the practitioner is good, but the pain comes back several months later) and chiropractors (the pain still comes back). Now I am just on lesson 3 of this book, and I think it is actually working! One conclusion so far - you have to be really consistent in implementing the author's recommendations. But it doesn't take any extra time to do what she recommends , so it's just the matter of remembering it (and if you have a bad back pain, that part should be easy :))
  • lalady - Love it so far.I received this as a Christmas gift. Baby isn't born yet so I haven't had the opportunity to use it and this is my first stroller to own, so I have nothing to compare it to, however it is fairly light weight, easy to handle and looks durable enough. I cant wait to get to use it and quite excited about this gift!
  • W. Jamison "William S. Jamison" - For What Binders I UseFor What Binders I Use
    There are names for each binder:
    strong women, weak women.
    Look inside, you can see them:
    the ones that drink from half-empty cups,
    their nails rust red in the places they point,
    knuckles dovetailed on their page.
    The way things stay so neatly
    wherever they've been clipped in--
    and clips, some say, are weak.

    And see how the pages flow back
    across a snap, with a great flap,
    more strong
    than the simple, untested loose leaves.
    There's a name for it in classes,
    when it snags in your back pack: homework,

    as all women,
    proud of their efforts, wear them
    as honors given out after class,
    small triumphs adding weight to the back--

    And when two women have loved each assignment
    see how they make them smarter
    it forms a scar on their bodies,
    stronger, heavier, and a pound each binder;
    how the black cardboard makes of them a single book
    that no one can bear or read.

    (Thanks for your help Jane!)
  • ObamaMama - VERY Pleased with Avery and AmazonI'm a big fan of Avery products and a loyal Amazon customer, and I just want to thank you guys for being so great about letting us have our fun about about binders full of women.

    It would really be great if you could supply binders full of men, even just one or two - I'm pretty tired - my husband is disabled so I could use some help, maybe one who can do handy-person jobs around the house and a masseur/cook and maybe one or two who can teach abstinence to governors with so many progeny, you know, explain that our earth's resources can only support a finite number of humans.

    Thanks again, you folks are great sports!!!!!