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  • Robert W. Kleinmark "Bob Kleinmark" - Ann is the bestThe facts, they're ALL there. The opinion.......based on the facts. Great read, as is all of Ann's books. If I had to say one thing against her writings and opinions it would be this. "Ann, if the libs tried the same BS on white Americans, or for that matter whites in general would that have the 98% support they get from black America?" The #1 difference between the races are this. Blacks are easy to control because they believe who-ever tells them NOTHING is their fault or ever was or will be that is who gets 98% of their support.
  • Ministerdave - Clear and to the point. Great information and an easy readI read this book through without setting it down. It is written clearly, giving the reader a full understanding of today's medical and pharmaceutical empires. It will make you mad, glad and happy that you bought the book. This information is important for everyone to know and have.
  • Vicki S. Theriault "vikki" - orgreenic fry panI bought my skillet at walgreens, brought it home read the instructions, seasoned it per the directions, wiped out. i have cooked a hamburger, bacon and eggs in it. it was just like shown on tv, unreal! i do recommend this to anyone considering it. but do season it properly for it to work as advertised.