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  • Rogo7 - this is the bat to get.I have been looking for bats, about a month and found this the best. The cf5 is a two piece bat with tr3 composite handle. The barrel is Composite 2 and 5 eighths inch barrel. The thing I don't like is about the sound of the bat, it sounds like a wood bat. But that has no efect on the ability of the bat.
  • Raye Linguica - These pens saved me thousands on my gender reassignment surgery!This product has saved me thousands of dollars worth of hormones and surgery! I started my gender reassignment surgery 4 years ago (male to female). I underwent three surgeries and spent thousands on medications and hormones. I was told I will never be a 'fully functioning' female. Well, I had a good friend of mine recommend this product as part of the transition and within a week of writing with these sleek little cuties I started to really 'blossom' up top. Two weeks later I was able to stop the hormones and cancel my final planned surgery. The estimate for the gender reassignment was $23,500, but I only had to spend $19,440 ( plus $7.49 for the pens).
    Two years and three beautiful children later I must attest that I am a VERY happy BIC customer! THANK YOU BIC!
  • Elton Jude Pereira "elton" - An innovative way to make me want to exerciseThere is a good variety of exercise routines, each well designed. They compose multiple of these into longer workouts. There is the points system to award you if you do the routine right. And finally there is a calorie meter in the top right to keep you motivated. All in all, a great way to make me want to exercise.
  • Elizabeth A. Stack - Time for a Third Party"Serve and Protect" has turned into Bully and Terrorize. We desperately need a Third Party with enough courage to end the Drug War. Liberals and libertarians (as well as anyone else who loves freedom) will have to start working together to restore the Bill of Rights. Above all, the American people must stop identifying with power....power certainly doesn't indentify with us.