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  • Eddie Mertin - A Highly Evolved Look At 2012

    This book is a unique mix of fire and ice. Not deeply religious but honest. The vast majority of people do not possess mental abilities to grasp the whole book instantly. But everyone can identify with some aspect of the material, and this book, as with the whole series, will come at you like no other. It may become the biggest obsession of your life thus far. Prepare to ignore your favorite hobby for a while. An "Inconvenient Truth" on steroids. A fascinating read!
    After having traveled extensively for more than a decade the sense of geological redistribution, not to mention climate change, began to bother me. The religious chapter brought me back to humble earth as having spent my youth Catholic I knew of the 70,000+ witnesses of Fatima. Everything fell into place.
    I recall Lucia dos Santos was branded a prankster, a disturbed young lady, even an outright demon. But as godless communism rose, and the holocaust happened, then the great world war two. Lucia was accepted into the convent and came to be close by the side of Pope John Paul II always. Communism lost its power. The last manifestation of Fatima that was revealed to Lucia by Our Lady does concern the events leading up to 2012, if you take a close look. A real close look! Mother Angelica spoke of it in her Christmas show on EWTN.
    So without him knowing it God picks a person with a truly gifted mind and a big heart to reach out to mankind with a message. A man that told of things in the heavens that took others multiple millions, if not billions of dollars and many years to figure out. God gives us a lot of material to study, the universe. Geryl lived up to the task. He did well. I believe he now realizes where his inspiration came from. It might have a minor mistake or two out of volumes of subjects to cover, evidence and proofs. Who among us could put something like this together any better?
    We should all embrace people like this and thank God for them for too soon the time will come when we realize this man is right.

  • T. Beck - Easily the Best Tablet on the Market

    I have been using my Prime since Christmas, I love it. I have owned both a HTC Flyer and a Sony Tablet S, the Prime will kick both their butts any day, any time. I will spare you going through the specs as they are posted above. I have recently purchased the dock for the Prime (I'm actually typing this review on it) what a great addition to this already great tablet, I have noticed that the dock greatly improves my battery life and it also sports a full usb port and a full sd card slot. Since the Prime has a HDMI out, I plug in a controller to the dock and I have myself a kick a$$ gaming console, the cpu can support many console quality games.

    Overall, I am greatly pleased with my purchase, I got what I payed for and then some, when an upgrade is needed, I will definitely return to ASUS.

    The Case I Use:
    Poetic(TM) 2in1 Ultra Light Leather Case for Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 10.1-Inch Android Tablet

  • Sally Jeffrey - A Powerful Read

    I could not read this powerful history of Jesus' life & death without taking breaks. I knew that once arrested, Jesus was tortured, but I had not idea the extent. The tears I had just couldn't stop when I read the cruel ripping apart of His body. Jesus could have stopped it with one word but He didn't as He was paying for my sins. We wouldn't have salvation if Jesus hadn't suffered, died & rose again on the 3rd day.
    I've read the entire bible several times, but this research & historical insight has added so much to my knowledge of what life was like in Jesus' day.
    Thank you Bill & Martin for this rich reading experience.

  • John Sideris - Works great. No issues

    Product was easy to assemble. All steps are illustrated clearly and the screws are all labeled helping to make sure you are using the correct ones at each step.

    As for cooking. Preheat as suggested (15-20 min depending on outdoor temp) and you will get a 500 degree or greater temperature. I live in seattle and I still get a very hot grill using it in our chilly, rainy and windy weather.

    The key to electric grills is to not open the grill often. Open it when placing food then only to turn it (once is usually enough!). You will get great searing and grill marks as well as even cooking. Food always has a nice color and never that icky grey color you get when using those indoor electric grills.

    I use it one or more times weekly and have great results.

  • lynnp - Quickbooks is the Premier in Bookkeeping

    I love using the newer version of Quickbooks Premier. We previously upgraded from QB Premier 2007 to the current version Premier 2013. It is indeed Premier in all it's glory. It's easy to use, and I love the new interface. No problems when it comes to looking for things I need in quicbooks weather it's customer information and invoices, or billing and banking to payroll information I'm looking for. Quicbooks Premier 2013 is better and improved navigation and centers make it easily accessible for anything I'm looking for.