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  • Chad Black - It has Always Worked for me.I really love the new Quickbooks Premier 2013 Software. I have used Quickbooks Pro starting in 1998. I changed to Quickbooks Premier in 2003. I have loved Quickbooks and the way it helps my business. I am very happy to say that the new 2013 version is so much better. I was really blown away with how all the information is right there in front of you, they have really streamlined navigation. Not only that but Quickbooks has made it customizable to suit your needs. Another great feature I love is that I can go into my Forms(Invoices, Estimates, etc) and quickly and easily make great looking forms that can be customized with my own logo. Another thing that I like about the new Quickbooks Premier 2013 is when I go to Customers, Vendors and my products all the information for that customer is right there and I can quickly change information or add a to do, like invoicing or estimates right from the same screen. If your thinking about Quickbooks for your business it is a no brainer.
  • TV Lover - A must haveExcept for maybe psychiatry, this is something every medical provider has to have. I was going to go electronic this year, but it was way too expensive. I am good with the hard print - except that you may want to up-size to the bigger print version if you are getting a little older and you don't always have your cheaters on you or your nurses are getting a little older too.