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  • M. Hoffman "reading enthusiast" - Great Easy To Use E-Reader!LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I got my Kindle at Christmastime, and have been enamored with it ever since. I got the 3G, Graphite model, and even though I live in a remote area, it uses Edge, and am able to download books in about a minute. I haven't worked out all its offerings yet, but in all fairness have not tried. I purchased it primary to read books and put the "read books" into that category, and this works fine for me. Unfortunately, I sprained both hands cleaning snow this winter, but that has not stopped me from reading. Realistically, the Kindle is easier to hold than a DTB. I don't think I will ever purchase a novel DTB again. If you like to read novels, then I highly recommend the Kindle.
  • L. A. Dye "700hpAMG" - The best tablet available at this time. Period!Pre-ordered this late last year while owning the original Transformer with dock. Have now had this long enough to go through all of the paces including the dock (of which I went through 3 to find a perfect one).

    Originally I was going to purchase an iPad2 like so many others that cannot get past the Starbucks fascination of owning an Apple product. My primary concern with Apple products including my iPhone was the lack of real memory with Apple limiting any expansion in their products-though great otherwise. As I recently converted both of my phones over to Android phones, that pretty much clinched the purchase as purchasing and juggling two platforms made little sense. I did go at it slow originally as I wanted to ensure that the tools (apps) I require were both available and worked well on the Android system vs Apple. Now only were they available, even better options were to be found which was a pleasant surprise as a lot of junk apps are also on the Android Market.

    Now to the tablet:

    Breaking this down into simple terms:

    .Very fast. With quad core and an extra chip to handle video, this tablet is speed with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). With exception to browsing (Dolphin HD) which is just OK. Try out Opera.
    .Battery life: An honest 9 hrs+ with just tablet and over 17 hrs with the dock. Even while watching movies the battery drains very slowly. Very impressive. Also, the dock charges the tablet when connected.
    .Styling. Extremely nice and modern style. All aluminum (which is also it's greatest sin). This tablet is hot looking. I have tghe champagne version which is more like a light metallic bronze.
    .Expandability: Micro HDMI, USB (dock), miniSD. I have a 128gb microSD card for a total of 192gb in the tablet alone and a 64gb in the dock for a total of 256gb. I have a large amount of HD movies, games, photos, apps, etc. All play very well from the cards with no hiccups of any sort. Native USB mouse support and native PS3 controller support via USB. Just plug and go, no ROM needed. Also, the mentioned dock is an exceptional accessory. It adds battery life, USB, looks great, fits well , and really does complete the package.
    .Video playback. Another win over iPhone is the ability to play a wide array of movie formats which Apple can be stubborn about. Playback is very smooth, bright, and you can easily scroll forward or back with no delay or crashes. Very impressive.
    .Graphics: Superb, the best available on a tablet at the moment. Just youtube comparisons of Shadowgun and Riptide vs. the iPad2 and you will see the dramatic improvements over the iPad and original Transformer.
    .WIFI: LOL. Many complain about the WIFI as the aluminum backing does inhibit the signal. However my particular model has great WIFI and downloads faster than any tablet prior. No issues at all here. Additionally, I Hotspot off of my 4G Android phones, again no issues. No fee either through my carrier.
    .Screen: Large 10.1" screen with Gorilla Glass and highest tablet resolution at the moment. Very strong, very bright IPS, even outdoors. Movies and games look great along with spreadsheets.

    .Lack of accessories such as cases with the tablet/dock (current versions are designed incorrectly resulting in too thick of material between dock and tablet hinge.) Ton of stuff available for iPads and the original Transformer (those will not fit the Prime)
    .GPS. Yep, I do not use it on a tablet, but it is advertised (before), and the signal is blocked by that gorgeous aluminum backing. Simply does not work on mine. EDIT: Recent firmwares have improved this and it does now lock onto over 12 satellites though still not great for driving.

    Recent airplane trip. Edited a few spreadsheets, tired of that, decided to watch a full length HD movie, then connect my PS3 controller and played Shadowgun. The guy sitting next to me and another across from the aisle were blown away with this tablet sparking plenty of conversation. It is an impressive piece which has a tendency to draw people into your business. Expect it unless your doing something boring. Using it in the AM, then at the terminal, on the flight, I still had over 80% of total battery left. I did not even bother taking out my laptop.

    Overall with dock and memory cards (2) it was a bit expensive, however at the end of the day, well worth it IMO.

  • Denny Kass - Ann Coulter Has Done it AgainYou got to love Ann Coulter;
    she is my second favorite blonde (only because my wife is first). Once again she has nailed it. This time she shows how the poverty pimps, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and to some extent President Obama and Eric Holder have manipulated and used lies about race relations to their advantage. This inside look at how they do what they do can provide an immunization against those who use race bating to gain power and political advantage instead of addressing the real issues that would help real people. . Carefully researched, very well written. This latest Coulter read is guaranteed to provide what Paul Harvey use to call “The Rest of the Story”.
  • shylock1234 - Palin is a true American Icon!Palin does it again! At first I was hesitant to read this book, but was hooked from the first page. After taking my anti-psyche meds I dove right in to this amazing and wonderful book. I wasn't aware that there was a war on Christmas. I had to run out and buy a gun and bullets. I had to use my fake id since felons can't have guns in the state of AZ. My mind is wandering again.

    I was shopping at the most Holy Wal-Mart and the check out clerk said Happy Holidays. It has completely shaken my faith in the United States. I am thinking of moving to a more Godly nation like Russia. Maybe I can move next door to Sarah. We could bake cookies and other goodies from the recipes in her book. Maybe we can go target shooting together... oh the possibilities, but again my mind is wandering.

    So glad there is someone who will stand up for good moral values and Christianity. Why the other day I was approached by a homeless man who asked me for money. Do you think I gave him as much as a dime. No. I gave him a copy of the blessed book and wished him a Merry Christmas. Than later on in the day someone asked me for a donation to help the sick in Africa. What is wrong with these people. Don't they know there is a war on Christmas. Feeding the homeless is the least of my worries. Oops... it happened again... my mind is wandering.

    Back to the book... the language and punctuation are amazing... not one semi-colon out of place and not one single made up word. Her ideas are simple and precise... very easy to understand... a four year old could understand and if properly indoctrinated could repeat passages from the book verbatim... When I finished the book I realized she wrote it for kindergarteners. If we don't get to our youth Christmas is lost forever. My mind is wandering again.

    While making the rounds around town... I saw all these bright and festive lights, but no nativity scene at the court house. No ten commandments on the front door of the high school. The evil lib-tards are in the grips of Satan and I just can't understand why (as Sarah so succinctly puts it) God is being pulled from our nation. Everybody knows that this nation was founded upon Christian principles. It's those Muslims.. Those Muslims and Buddhist.. I have so much more to say, but it is time for my shock treatments.

    I beg everybody to read this book. Instead of giving to charity this year buy as many copies and give them to all your friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
  • Masaba - Excellent reference bookInitially I thought it was a lesson in paranoia and mistrust and that was scary but I kept reading. It was actually a great lesson in self awareness and provided the tools needed to recognize users and avoid falling into old traps like always giving the benefit of the doubt and so much more. This is a must read. Loved it.