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  • otterspotter1189 - Me and the Gals approve

    I just got one of these because you can get a really good job if you are in one. That's the buzz on the street. (I'm not sold on the name though. Binder of Women is sort of, I dunno, demeaning? Condescending? Objectifying? Naaaaaaw. I'm overreacting!)

    Ok! I'm not that limber anymore so I'm doing some yoga hellow kitty poses to stretch the hambones. Ok! Now I'm scootching my boohonky up on the edge. Straddling this thing is NOT the highlight of my day (aww, it just ruined my pantyhose). OK! Gathering my courage here! Taking the plunge in-to the binder o' women!

    (One hour later)
    Hey! Me here with the gals, we're sending out for pizza and beer. None of us have received a job offer yet, but we are pretty optimistic, this little gang of mine! Sigh, still the binder hasn't moved once off this desk. Anyone, anyone??

  • Adrian G. Zvarych "Bass Man" - Solid high-performance, great screen clarity

    What a great alternative to the i-family products. IMO Samsung products have been reliable technology products for us. We have three Samsung smart phones, a couple Samsung external drives, and a few other Samsung products around the house. When having the opportunity to purchase the Tab 2 10.1 at a great refurbished price from a reputable Amazon dealer, I didn't think twice.

    The unit I purchased does not have the 4G option. It's an expensive adder initially as well as monthly. Most locations I use it have WiFi available, or I can turn my phones' Hot Spot feature on. Apple products are also high quality; I would place this unit side-by-side with an iPad for my purposes any day and smile because I know I saved some serious cash and still have a very high quality tablet to use.

  • Candice D. LaPrade "TwinnerB" - "A Fine Romance" is a gem!

    When my book arrived a few days ago I couldn't wait to start reading it. I began reading "A Fine Romance" in my car in the underground parking garage after work an hour after it arrived in the mail. Not very romantic! I read about 10 pages and had to finally give up and get on home. I wonder if it's illegal in Phoenix to drive and read at the same time?

    This is the most wonderful book, so easy to read and I feel as though I'm right there with Susan and Joe in the English countryside.

    I am forcing myself to read 10 pages at a time to make this wonderful book last as long as possible!

  • Sara R. Yassin "SassySara" - LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!!!

    I am not a long winded person so this will be short. I read a lot of books. I came across this book as I was buying books on lavender in general. I said..."What the hell, I will read this. Sounds like a fun book." Well, I am so glad I did. Not only is this book so well written, the humor is fantastic. I had to put the book down every night so that I would not read it all at once. I only wish it was longer.