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  • C. Mattstadt "Kingskid" - an inspiring read for Believers!The author is inspiring in his understanding of the Word of God, and his willingness to commit his life into the Hands of our Maker. I commend this brother in Christ's work to all who are serious about growing into a good and faithful servant. Living a life which is worthy of such great reward as the promises of God most challenging, regardless of one' s orientation. I need to read this book again, and again!
  • Mel - Awesome play matHighly recommend this product for any little one who enjoys kicking. My husband got this for our daughter who was slightly over a month old and she had such a blast with kicking her feet and hearing the music. As she got older she noticed the mirror and enjoys looking into it. I like that you can have the option to remove the toys for cleaning and if you want you can put different toys (that you purchase) up giving your little one something new to look at.
    I wish the lion could have been softer or something special done with it because it is just a hard piece of plastic and the 3 other toys, also hard plastic at least do something. The floor mat stays in place in the plastic green piece that holds everything together but at the same time the mat still moves which is nice for her because she is able to grab it and not let go.
    Great product, highly recommend it.
    1 added benefit, this toy came in handy when I needed to medicate my daughters eyes, she would just stare up at the mirror or the toys and that is when I put her medication in. She would kick and the keys would play thier tunes and the stars would light up and everything was just fine again. :)
  • Mervyn J. Devine "minicat" - Reservoir not neededDon't waste money on a reservoir model if a water tap in close proximity. You can only brew one at a time anyway and this model accepts three cup sizes to meet most needs. Found this at a great price and came a week later. Love the maker and the quality coffee. Register on Keurig site and get a great 2 for 1 discount on your next 96 K-cup purchase.