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  • E. Muegge "Evelyn Gale" - The answer to what ails youThe One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All DiseasesThis little book is a treasure of information about how to protect yourself and cure most of your diseases, even cancer, without bankrupting yourself to achieve vibrant health.
  • Anita Kelly "Neets" - CrossroadsRadclyffe has once again brought to life two very passionate characters who find each other as they encounter their daily struggles through life. She has introduced two new characters into the scene at the Philadelphia Medical College Hospital. Other favorite characters also have starring roles in this book. It is classic Radclyffe romance and no one can do romance like Rad. And it is always great to "see" the sites of nearby Philly and it's surrounding areas in Rad's medical series.
  • Peter M. Laramie - Shark Navigator is AmazingI have owned a Kirby - at $1400 the most expensive vacuum cleaner I'll have ever bought - a couple hoovers, and most recently two eurekas, but the Shark Navigator is the best I've ever owned. I have used the Dyson Ball as well, and the Navigator compares favorably with that at a fraction of the price. When I turned it on I was struck with how quiet it was and I thought it couldn't possibly have any suction, but I was wrong. It is powerful, cleaning unbelievably well. It is incredibly easy to use, going from bare floor to carpet with no hesitation and gets into hard to reach places with it's low profile. The long hose is great for stairs and tops of curtains.
    I have noted two drawback, neither of which would alter my decision to buy the Shark. First the dust container is small and needs emptying a lot, but this is quick and easy. The second is that not all the attachments have a handy spot on the vacuum to store them so that when you want them you have to go get them. That being said, I do not hesitate to recommend this machine.
  • Montanalovers - Satisfied Quickbooks Payroll customerIf you are a new business person with no real experience in payroll, unemployment, workers comp. and other issues, it's so nice to have the "handholding" that Enhanced Payroll provides.

    When it comes to state and federal tax related forms, you still need to do the forms and make the payments, but you won't miss a deadline again. They will help you fill out and submit many forms, as well as pay for many forms without leaving Quickbooks. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, and renew every year.

    When it comes to doing Payroll, everything is laid out and done for you. For a business with 3 or fewer employees, this is a great program!