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  • Elizabeth Oram - Great insights!

    Matthews approach is direct, practical and insightful. At first I thought, What does a 20 something guy have to teach me about men and dating? It turns out, a lot! The book really helped me to get into a great mindset for dating and, so far, his tips are bringing great results! Definitely a good purchase!

  • mother - Druge guide

    I was shocked that I found a new drug guide that was in such good condition and the price could not get any better.

    I want to thank you are so great.

  • Traci Blanchard - Works wonderfully

    Every winter I battle dry, scaling skin on my browbones. I've tried a lot of different products to address the problem with minimal success. This season, I received a sample of the Murad Resurgence eye cream with another cosmetics purchase. Lucky me! I started using the sample and within just three days, the scaling had healed completely. I immediately ordered the full size and am very pleased with the product. Definitely worth the money.

  • Diane Meireis - Loving my running shoes

    Many years ago I tried on running shoes in a running shop. The person working with me had me try several shoes but she and I always came back to Mizuno. Over the years I would experiment with other running shoes and really nothing quite fit right so I have gone full circle and am back to Mizuno. I have a narrow foot with very long toes and these shoes fit perfect and look good!

  • Angelo Dibernardo - Next gen gaming does not disappoint!

    After hearing of all the launch problems online, I was surprised at all the backlash when I turned tis console on and started gaming away. I have had absolutely no problems and have updated all software. The graphics and speed is unreal, as advertised and as expected. Looking forward to more game releases in future. Current games have not yet unlocked the potential of this unit. Purchased Call of Duty and Fifa with it...blowing me away every time. Look forward to playing every day.