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  • ArtHistory500 - cleans well, sturdy, reliableAfter going through a string of major brand vacuum cleaners that last only a year or two, I believe I have finally found my favorite brand. The Shark is sturdy and so far reliable after a month or so of use. It works well on small oriental throw carpets and on wall-to-wall too. The Shark feels heavy enough to stand up to (hopefully) years of use (unlike my Hoover WindTunnel that was light in weight but started falling apart after a year), but light enough that I can still carry it upstairs. A new brand for me, and I am totally happy with this vacuum cleaner. Other reviewers complained about the small surface area of the head, and it is slightly smaller than some, but not so small as to be an inconvenience. And it doesn't tip over, as others complained, if you attach the vacuum hose as instructed in the manual (this is my experience, at any rate).
  • Susan M. Tseng - 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, by Esther GokhaleThis is incredible book, and Esther Gokhale has given us all an incredibly valuable gift with her program. This book is not just for anyone who has ever suffered with any aches and pains, but for anyone who is interested in keeping themselves healthy and functioning far into their old age! Ms. Gokhale has created a program to teach good, healthy posture and this book beautifully outlines and details the program. Using many colorful and artful illustrations, numerous quotations from the medical community and students who are now pain-free, she carefully and gently explains how to sit, stand, lie down and walk without pain. You will learn techniques that are easy to follow and integrate into your everyday life. Her extensive use of photographs to illustrate each step are incredibly useful, and the book can be used long into the future as a reference guide, thanks to the format with photos and recap outlines for each step.
    I have not only read this book, I have taken the accompanying class and after suffering from chronic back pain for several years, I am now able to function pain-free. I also have a much more sophisticated understanding of my back issues and how to take care of myself. I heartily recommend this book to everyone! Read it and feel good again!
  • K. Barnett - Great portable seat for babyWhen baby was 4 months old, my family had to spend a month in Canada for work reasons. At that time, our baby was really enjoying using his Bumbo seat to sit up and get a new perspective, but given all the other baby gear we had to bring, there was no way we could bring his Bumbo - it was just too bulky. So we bought this chair as a kind of portable, packable Bumbo seat and high chair in one, and we have been really pleased with it. We used it throughout our trip to Canada and still use it as baby's high chair. (Baby is now just over a year old!)

    - Fabric seat cover is machine washable - it cleans up perfectly and looks new from a spin in the washing machine. This is SO necessary once baby starts eating solid foods! (I also like that there are no legs to clean, unlike with a high chair.)
    - Easy disassembly for washing - there are only three parts to the frame (2 arms and bar that shapes the back of seat) which make it a cinch to take apart and put back together.
    - Included attached cover - the cover is attached and folds up neatly to store in a pocket beneath the seat of the chair, so there is no worry of losing or forgetting the chair cover.
    - Unlike many restaurant high chairs, which are a bit too low for the table and make it hard for baby to reach up and grab his food to eat, this chair attaches so that baby is at table level. This makes our baby happier, so he is content to sit at the table a little longer, which makes us better fed and thus, happier.
    - Attaches to most tables. It even works with tables with long skirts - you might just have to angle the seat a bit to fit it around the skirt, then level it off once the supports are behind the skirt. The only difficulty with these longer-skirted tables is that you will have to loosen the support arms completely so that they can fit around the skirt, then tighten them the whole way back up to meet the table. It makes for a lot of turning if you have to do that.
    - Safety belt keeps our little climber from standing up, climbing up onto the table, etc.

    - Lots of turning the support brace on long-skirted tables. This isn't a problem at all on tables without a skirt!
    - It'd be nice if there were some kind of closure on the back pocket of the seat - that way I could keep a couple of baby spoons in there without worrying about them falling out.

    All in all, these minor drawbacks are very minor. We really love this product.
  • jennifer - GMO zombie banana apocalypse must have!This could save your life!
    With the impending banana zombie apocalypse looming on the horizon, you Must have
    the Hutzler 571 by your side. This impressive slice and dicer will give you the confidence of a ninja and its untold powers of a super hero. Strength, speed, and longevity. Its also a yello symbol of peace and a beacon of hope when mankind is destine to either go bananas or get banana slicing.
    watch for its guest apperance in "Thore god of banana thunder" coming to theatres in 2015.
    Also works against GMO bananas!
    Ps: they double up as ninja glasses and have the ability to see into the future. You may wanna get two of these cause once you try one you cant stop.