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  • Linda J - Saw the theater releaseWhile I obviously haven't seen the video yet, I did see the theater release during the summer. This year's benefit is as good as the 3 previous shows, with some highlights that, to me, were pure gold. John Mayer and Keith Urban doing a "Don't Bring Me Down" was very high on my list and a short acoustic set with Greg Allman, Warren Haynes, and Derek Trucks was absolutely fantastic. The typical guitar-heavy, star studded offerings did not disappoint in any way, except in the absence of any footage (in the theater release) of B. B King. I can only assume his age is a factor there. I'm pre-ordering the DVD and the CD (wonderful addition to the available formats) and will be counting the days until they arrive.
  • Barry - Wish I found this soonerI was about to seek medical treatment for hyperhydrosis when I stumbled upon this product. I've been using it for about a month now and it is like night and day. It's a little pricy but totally worth it if you are anything like me, sweating through clean shirts in minutes whether it is summer or winter.
  • Tizzle - Allergies beware!I needed this product so that when I slice bananas in front of my friends I will feel like a winner! Sadly, I cannot partake as I am allergic to banana's and also hate them. I did not let that stop me from buying this self esteem boosting product. I now feel like the king of the world and nothing can stop me! Thanks Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer!
  • Chris Leonick - Great Hotel & Restaurant RecommendationsI bought this guide to prepare for my first trip to Paris. I chose my hotel based on this guidebook's recommendation. I also chose many of the restaurants I visited based on their recommendations. I think this book gave good guidance since I was very happy with my hotel. The restaurants that I enjoyed the most were the ones that I found through this book. I liked Cafe des Musees the best. Great food and reasonable prices. The waiter was so helpful and spoke English too.

    My only complaint with this book is that they only list reviews of full-service, sit-down restaurants. In order to economise I'd sometimes eat at small creperies or buy food at charcuteries, fromageries and markets to eat in the hotel. It would be great if the guidebook would list some of these.

    Another good thing about this book is the comprehensive listing of museums and attractions to visit. I'd never heard of the Jacquemart-Andre museum before I read this book and I liked it very much.

    I would definitely buy this book again.
  • Camille Spar - pain free!Esther Gokhale's book "8 Steps to a Pain Free Back" is a marvel.. At first glance it appears to be just another self help book on how to relieve common back pain. Upon reading it however, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is the most comprehensive and helpful book I have yet come across. Gokhale's technique which is grounded in sound anthropological study; as she explains, our back problems are largely the result of our cultural habits. Apparently, only five to ten percent of people in certain other countries suffer from back pain, yet in American that number jumps to almost ninety percent. Why such a difference? Ms. Gokhale explains that poor habits and incorrect training are to blame; and her technique for proper posture goes way beyond conventional American teachings. A victim of debilitating back pain and surgery herself, Ms. Gokhale both understands the pain many of us are going through, and genuinely wants to help.
    Her book is wonderfully illustrated with the most specific "how to" techniques I have encountered. She not only guides the reader through not only what to do and what you should be feeling, but also explains symptoms of overdoing any given technique. She identifies specific muscles that need to be engaged for stability and strength in support of the discs. The book explains safe techniques for sitting, lying, bending, lifting and walking, activities we do all day long. She shows us how to preserve our knees and protect our hips as we age. As a person who has been doing yoga and seeing chiropractors for years in an attempt to overcome my own back injuries, I can safely say that this book has been incredibly effective in allowing me to resume a normal, pain free lifestyle. Once you begin integrating Ms. Gokhale's methods into your life you will be hooked and find yourself making corrections to your positioning all day long. I highly recommend this book; it will create great habits that will last a lifetime.